Russia suspends natural gas supplies to Finland

The Finnish natural gas company Gasum announced on Friday that the supply of natural gas will be suspended.

As Gazprom explained, Gasum has not paid in rubles for gas, as demanded by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Gasum confirmed that Russian gas supplies had been suspended on Saturday and that customers would receive gas from other sources via the Balticconnector pipeline.

The pipeline connects the Estonian and Finnish gas distribution networks.

In an effort to reduce the risks associated with relying on Russian energy exports, the Finnish government announced on Friday that the country had signed a ten-year lease agreement with the US-based company Excelerate Energy.

On March 31, the President of Russia signed a decree, which provides for the acceptance of payment for natural gas from countries that Russia considers unfriendly, only in rubles, from April 1.

Finland imports about 10% of its electricity from Russia, while natural gas accounts for about 8% of Finland’s energy consumption and most natural gas is imported from Russia.

Russia suspended gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria last month because they also refused to pay in rubles for gas.

Russia has demanded that foreign partners pay for gas supplies in rubles, thus trying to stimulate its national currency in the face of Western sanctions.

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