Rudenko revealed the whole truth about the affair with Poverennova

After parting with Daria Poverennova, who was 10 years older than him, Anatoly Rudenko immediately married another. Although we can say that the actor “grew up” precisely in relations with Daria.

So, they lived under the same roof for 4 years. But during this time, Poverennova did not wait for her favorite marriage proposal. It was rumored that the mother of the actor Lyubov Rudenko opposed this union. It was whispered on the sidelines that the future mother-in-law did not want a woman much older than her son as her daughter-in-law.

Well, when Anatoly Rudenko met Elena Dudina on the set, he immediately realized that she was the one. And he took his beloved to the registry office. Soon the couple had a daughter, Milena. The actor rarely recalls his novels before marriage and speaks casually.

At the same time, Anatoly nevertheless shared some points. So in a relationship. With Daria Poverennova, he had to reach out to the level of his beloved, to match the image that she would like to see.

“There was such that you need to reach out, comply. In principle, everything was fine with Dasha. But it happens that you meet a person – and that’s it, you understand that you are gone. It is useless to resist,” Rudenko said.

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