Rojukiss opens the first trading day at 15.00 baht, 66.67% higher than the IPO price.

KISS shares open for trading on the first day at 15.00 baht, an increase of 6.00 baht (+ 66.67%) from the IPO price of 9.00 baht / share.

TISCO Securities stated in the analysis that the IPO price of Rojukis International Plc. (KISS) is already at the appropriate level. Although earnings growth was high last year, it came from lower marketing expenses. While lower revenues and a relatively high PER of about 30 times the product range, KISS products are quite popular with convenience store sales. Moreover, the expansion of overseas distribution channels and future investment opportunities of GMM will be a key positive factor for growth. However, management said in the report that on the first trading day some 54 million shares of Biglot would be sold and 18 million of future convertible ESOPs were held.

KISS operates its business by developing, outsourcing, manufacturing and distributing skin care products, color cosmetics and food supplements under various brands of the company both in Thailand and abroad. As well as providing consulting services in business operations and marketing for the distribution of products under the Company’s brand In foreign countries as well It is a developer and distributor of products under 5 main brands including 1) skin care products. Under the brands “Rojukiss” “PhDerma / PhD K-Derma” “Wonder Herb” and “Best Korea” 2) Cosmetic products. Under the brand “Sis2Sis” 3) food supplements. Under the brand “Rojukiss”

Future Projects of the Company 1) The Company has a plan to develop and introduce new products and new brands in Thailand in 2021-2023, with the expected use of the working capital gained from this issuance and offering of ordinary shares to the public. 100 million baht 2) The company sees an opportunity for business growth by expanding new customer base through direct sales channels to consumers, not through intermediaries. (Direct-to-consumer; D2C or B2C), which is a new business model of the company. That will help expand the new customer base. 3) The Company sees an opportunity to grow its business abroad. Especially in 2 main countries: Indonesia and Vietnam 4) The Company aims to bring technology and digital to help drive the development and bring innovation to reach the consumers as widely and as closely as possible.


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