Rivian has made it clear that electric cars on the new R2 platform will fit in the price range up to $80,000

The cost of the initial versions of electric vehicles gives only a glimpse of the manufacturer’s pricing policy, so the management of the California company Rivian at a quarterly reporting event was forced to admit that the bulk of the R1S and R1T models produced do not fit into the price range of up to $ 80,000, which allows buyers in the United States to qualify for deduction of $7,500. The manufacturer is ready to eliminate this problem after the start of production of electric vehicles on the new R2 platform.

Image Source: Rivian

An active discussion of targeted subsidies, which the US authorities are going to allocate for ten years from January next year, unfolded on the eve of the signing of the relevant bill by President Joseph Biden (Joseph Biden). Rivian now offers electric crossovers and pickups, which have a cap of $80,000 for subsidized purchases, while smaller electric vehicles must qualify for $55,000 and be built in the United States to qualify for the subsidy. Batteries for such machines must either be made in the US or sourced from countries that have a free trade agreement with the US.

The bulk of Rivian’s electric SUV offerings are no longer covered by the program, but company executives at the quarterly conference emphasizedthat all efforts of the manufacturer are aimed at ensuring that representatives of the R2 platform meet the requirements of this subsidy program. In other words, SUVs based on this platform will have to be offered in the US for no more than $80,000.

The R2 platform is originally developed by Rivian as a cheaper and more modern successor to the current R1. The company is developing LFP-type traction batteries for it, and the R2 power plant will have to work with a voltage of 800 volts. Release of R2 platform media is due to begin at Rivian’s facility under construction in Georgia from 2025. The company has already registered about six trademarks with the combination of symbols “R2”, which hints at the possibility of expanding the range of models, although the R2T pickup and R2T crossover are also on this list. When organizing the production of electric vehicles on the R2 platform, Rivian promises to pay special attention to the localization of the production of the necessary components, including traction batteries. At the first stage, the enterprise in Georgia will be able to produce 200,000 electric vehicles annually, but in the future this number is planned to be doubled.

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