Riga and Tampere Join Forces: Business Trip to Watch World Hockey Championship

“This championship is organized together by two cities – Riga and Tampere. This was my second business trip to Tampere – the first was in winter, then we traveled and understood what Tampere would do and what we could learn. At that time I was received by the mayor Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, who was elected to the parliament. On May 22, I received an invitation from the new mayor of Tampere, Kalevro Kummolas, who invited me to go to Tampere and watch this match with him,” said Mārtiņš Staķis, chairman of the Riga City Council, in the program “Spried with Delfi”, explaining his business trip to Tampere during the time when the Latvian hockey team was fighting for the bronze medal in the world hockey championship there.


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2023-06-06 21:00:00

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