REVIEW: Kateřina Marie Tichá matured in seclusion

With her shot, Tichá can remind Leckom of the French singer Zaz. Her stylistic register includes pop, folk and a sip of chanson, and in total it forms a colorful but unpaid album with a clear sound and a sensitive production by Ondřej Turták.

Tichá crowns it several times. First of all, she matured as a singer. Her voice is confident and firm, with a matter of course she moves on a relatively long line of range, while she can afford to sing with ease and of course.

It is very strong in ballads, whether it is Destroyed Earth, the most emotional and, in combination with an excellent interpretation, the strongest song on the album, urgent If or Final, based on the piano, supported by the Wind, in which it reveals its singing qualities. She also likes the position influenced by French chanson in the songs of Sami and Friend, as well as the inclination to pop, where she works not only with a clear melody, but also with sound kindness.

Sami’s album cover.

Foto: Universal Music

She also came up with quality lyrics. She writes poems, honors Czech genre classics and was inspired by them. Her texts, if possible, avoid clichés and cheapness, on the contrary, with every rhyme, they reveal that the beauty of Czech is worth defending. Tichá does it so thoroughly that in some texts the words may be too much.

The album Sami does not target the selected listeners. For the attentive protagonist, she prepared quality lyrics and interesting arrangements of songs with a decisive share of live instruments. For “music consumers”, there are songs that they can enjoy, especially if they listen to them more.

Kateřina Marie Tichá: Alone
Universal Music, 40:25
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