Retail chains: Lidl, Kaufland, Penny, Globus, Albert, Coop, Billa, Tesco. What meal vouchers do they take

The coronavirus pandemic affects food companies and retail chains. Meal vouchers of at least some type are already accepted by the vast majority of their stores in the Czech Republic. Recently, they have expanded the possibility of paying with Kaufland, Lidl and Globus meal vouchers.

The development of business between food companies and chains occurs during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, when food business operators lose a significant part of their sales from closed restaurants. There is also a so-called meal voucher package before approval, which has long been criticized by meal voucher publishers.

Alternatively, it will allow the employer to choose whether to contribute to the employee’s meals in the form of meal vouchers or untaxed cash.

According to some meal vendors, the second option would add sales to supermarkets, because, according to them, people with “cash in their pockets” will start spending differently than for hot food in a restaurant or canteen. “The flat rate will add to purchases in foreign chains because people will try to save,” said in an October interview for the on-line daily Aktuálně.cz the head of Sodexo Benefits Daniel Čapek.

However, in cooperation with retail chains, Čapek does not see a problem. “We are also operating in a competitive market, all our competitors have self-service in their portfolio of establishments, so it is difficult for one company to try to educate the market in a matter that should be regulated by the Ministry of Finance, which we have repeatedly called for.” in conversation.

Meal vouchers are the most widespread corporate benefit in the Czech Republic. Businesses can deduct 55 percent of the value of the voucher from the tax base. About 1.3 million people receive meal vouchers.

Where do they get meal vouchers:

In stores, customers pay with our meal vouchers Our Sodenka, Sodexo, Up Czech Republic and the Benefit Plus and eStravenka meal vouchers. A maximum of ten paper meal vouchers can be used, cash is non-refundable.

In Kaufland it is possible to pay with the meal vouchers Our Meal Ticket, Ticket Restaurant (Edenred), Up Czech Republic and the meal voucher Benefit Plus and eStravenka. A maximum of ten paper meal vouchers can be used, cash is non-refundable.

Albert accepts meal vouchers from Sodexo Pass, Ticket Restaurant (Edenred) and UP Czech Republic. He accepts meal voucher cards from UP Czech Republic, Edenred, Sodexo, CES ePlatby and Benefit Plus. The maximum number of meal vouchers per payment is five. The seller returns up to CZK 10 for the purchase.

Globus hypermarkets accept paper and electronic meal vouchers issued by Sodexo, Edenred and Up ČR. Meal vouchers can be used to pay up to CZK 1,000 for a purchase. A maximum of CZK 20 in cash is returned from the value of meal vouchers.

Billa stores accept meal vouchers from publishers Edenred, UP Czech Republic and Sodexo. Five pieces of meal vouchers can be used for the purchase, while the seller returns up to 10 crowns.

All Tesco stores accept Gastro Pass, Ticket Restaurant (Edenred) and UP Czech Republic meal vouchers. It is also possible to pay with the Gusto Card and the Benefit Plus card. A maximum of five meal vouchers can be used for one purchase, at the same time the value of the purchase must not exceed 500 crowns.

Penny Market accepts paper meal vouchers Ticket restaurant (Edenred) and UP Czech Republic as well as an electronic version of Ticket restaurant and eStravenka. A maximum of five paper meal vouchers can be used, cash is non-refundable.

The individual sellers decide on the acceptance of meal vouchers themselves.

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