Researchers from Malaga evaluate immunity after the third dose of the Covid vaccine in people over 65 years of age



Ibima and the Clinical Hospital participate in a national study, coordinated by the Carlos III Institute, with the collaboration of 15 centers and 1,600 patients

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Researchers from the Malaga Biomedical Research Institute and Nanomedicine Platform (Ibima-BIONAND Platform) and the Virgen de la Victori Clinical Hospital have participated in a national study, which has been coordinated by the Carlos III Health Institute, to assess the immune status of people over 65 years of age after receiving the third dose of the Covid vaccine.

The purpose of the project has been to analyze the impact of the administration of a third dose of vaccine (Comirnaty, Pfizer/BioNTech) on the immune response against coronavirus in users of nursing homes. As a secondary objective, this response will be compared with a group of volunteers under 65 years of age. Specifically, in the Clinic, the profile of healthcare personnel under 65 years of age who was going to receive the third dose of the vaccine has been analysed.

Fifteen centers have participated in the study and 1,600 patients have been recruited. 40 of them corresponding to the Clinic thanks to the coordination work of the clinical research and clinical trials unit and the work carried out by the professionals of the preventive medicine and clinical pharmacology services.

The study has been supervised by the coordinator of UICEC-Ibima, Maribel Lucena, who is the head of the clinical pharmacology service at the Clinical Hospital and professor at the University of Malaga (UMA). The main researchers of the study have been Judith Sanabria from the clinical pharmacology service and Blanca O’Donnell, from the Preventive Medicine and Public Health service, who are integrated in Ibima

Reduction in deaths from coronavirus

Judith Sanabria has said that “the elderly, who represent the majority of severe cases of Covid and associated deaths, have seen the number of deaths and hospital pressure reduce thanks to the effectiveness of vaccines in reducing the incidence and severity of the infection”.

Just as the health authorities recommended the third booster dose for this group, “it has also been seen as convenient to carry out a study that allows data to be available to help make decisions about the need to administer periodic doses of the vaccine to maintain a effective immune system in the most vulnerable population”, assured Blanca O’Donnell.

The two researchers have highlighted that for Ibima-Platform BIONAND and for the Clinical Hospital, participation in this study is very important, because its results will mark the decision-making aimed at strengthening the immunity of the most vulnerable population when they contract the disease.

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