Research results show that vitamin C can prevent coronary heart disease

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JAYATI KEDIRI Having a healthy body is everyone’s hope, without exception Health heart organ. The heart is a very important organ, because it has a very vital function.

The heart plays a role in pumping the blood so that it keeps circulating, maintaining the oxygen supply and providing nutrition to every cell in the body and removing the rest of our body’s cellular metabolism.

Of course, this heart organ also requires an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients so that the heart muscle can function optimally.

The heart muscle’s need for oxygen and nutrients is supplied through the blood vessels of the heart or what we often know as blood vessels Coronary heart.

Various ways can be done to maintain the optimal condition of the coronary vessels. One of them taking vitamins.

Perhaps this still sounds quite foreign to some people, what roles are C vitamin in preventing Heart disease coroner.

Based on research by Knekt Paul et al, with monitoring for 10 years, people who take vitamin C at a dose greater than 700 mg per day will have a lower incidence rate of coronary heart disease than people who consume vitamin C at lower levels. of 700 mg, consume vitamin E and consume carotenoids.

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