Recent photos of Lukas Enembe after being a KPK suspect


Governor of Papua Luca Enembe He was reportedly still ill, so he could not fulfill the summons from the KPK investigators. So what is Luke’s current condition?

Based on the photographic documents obtained Detikcom, On Thursday (29/9/2022), Komnas HAM President Ahmad Taufan Damanik was seen visiting Luca Enembe at his residence. During the meeting, Lukas Enembe and Taufan Damanik were seen seated at a table.

Luke himself is seen wearing a dark blue shirt. He sat down in a white chair.


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The upload also shows a personal doctor Luca Enembe, namely Anton Mote who sat opposite Taufan Damanik and Lukas Enembe. From the photo you can see that Anton Mote is explaining something.

Contacted separately, Legal Counsel Luca Enembe, or Stefanus Roy Rening confirmed the meeting between Komnas HAM and Lukas Enembe. He said the meeting took place on Wednesday (28/9) and was facilitated by the Papuan Commission for Human Rights.

“So it is so, if Komnas HAM met the Gub, it was facilitated by Komnas HAM Papua. So it was not by me. Through the president of Komnas HAM Papua it facilitated the meeting of Mr. Gub in relation to the view of the condition of the Mr. Gub, “said Stefanus Rening when confirmed by, Thursday (29/9/2022).

Rening admitted that the meeting was related to the issue of human rights (HAM). Luca Enembe. At that time, Komnas HAM wanted to ascertain the circumstances and conditions Luca Enembe.

“We only see the condition of the Governor in the field of human rights, he has the right to get what good health care is. That’s it,” Rening said.

So, Rening confessed during the meeting Luca Enembe and Taufan Damanik also chatted via cell phone with KPK investigation director Asep Guntur. He said that the communication was initiated by Asep Guntur to convey a message to Lukas Enembe.

“He (Asep Guntur) said, ‘Okay Pak Roy, when you met Pak Gub, I called. So can I talk to him?’ Said Rening, mimicking his communication with Asep Guntur.

As for communication Luca Enembe and Asep Guntur, Rening said, the two discussed Lukas Enembe’s certainty of coming to Jakarta. Rening said Asep Guntur was seeking to have Lukas Enembe examined in Jakarta before being treated in Singapore.

“Pak Gub, when you can go to Jakarta, your health needs to be improved. Later, you will have a KPK doctor and an IDI doctor who will examine you. After that, if you have to go to Singapore for treatment, the KPK does not matter. That’s it, ”Rening said.

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