Rayito asks Greece for a second time and she premieres song Stay

The singer, model e influence, Greece is about to release its simple call stay, which is dedicated to her husband, he too influence, Ryan Hoffman, better known in social networks as Ray, who has 7.6 million followers in Instagram. The couple also announced on social networks their second engagement, because although they are already married by civilians, they will also celebrate their wedding at church.

“I decided to take this month to publicize my new topic because it is a gift for Ryan, It is completely love where I show how much he means in my life, because he came at a time when he was not having a good time in the sentimental field (…) Ray and I am best friends we do everything together but not in a plan of mistrust but because we like to share our moments together, there is a very special energy between us “, he mentioned Greece, who also stated that she is very excited about her commitment.

“I really wasn’t expecting it, we were just walking to the waterfall to take pictures of ourselves and suddenly he knelt down and took out a box, he started to tremble and his voice cracked. He couldn’t believe it. Everyone knows that 5 months ago we got married for civil but for me it is special To do it before God and I remember when rayito arrived he told me that he did not believe in God. Until I showed him that God is not only a creator, God is everything, God is energy, God is love, union, respect, it’s all. When you learn to feel the vibe of nature, the magic of love, that’s where you find God, “wrote Greece on social networks.

The 27-year-old singer told Publimetro that she composed this new song with her friend Francisco Sisco, after several years of wanting to make music and confessed that this quarantine helped her focus on her singing and composing career.


“In this quarantine I was locked in my music studio because I had wanted to do it for many years. I started making songs and Quédate was one of the last songs that was not planned so that it came out at first but I realized that with this single I can really show my talent as a songwriter and singer, “said Grecia, originally from Venezuela.

Greece She defined herself as a strong woman who seeks to leave a message of empowerment for women and assured that although her style is focused on the urban gender, she composes lyrics with a message in favor of women.

“My songs never talk about being alone, sad, angry, all my songs talk about being a warrior woman, that if I fall in love I am because I want to. All my songs talk about brave women and I want to inspire them to be safe, that they don’t need a man by their side to get ahead, “he said. Greece.

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