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Introduction What is Cadillac XT4?
Cadillac XT4 exterior
Cadillac XT4 interior
Cadillac XT4 Powertrain
Equipped with Cadillac XT4
Cadillac XT4 Price / Delivery Start Time
Cadillac XT4 specs

Introduction What is Cadillac XT4?

text: Wataru Shimizudani (Wataru Shimizudani)

photo: Kazuhide Ueno (Kazuhide Ueno)

January 16th. General Motors (GM) Japanese subsidiary has started selling Cadillac’s first compact SUV “Cadillac XT4”.

Cadillac, a leading American premium brand, naturally produced only large sedans and coupes until the end of the 20th century.

Cadillac XT4 Sport