Rail travel in Poland will be more expensive. PKP Intercity introduces new ticket prices

From January 13, a new ticket price list for PKP Intercity trains comes into force. Tolls for all categories of trains go up. The weekend ticket will be withdrawn from the offer, but there will be an offer for weekdays. Promotional ticket prices for selected routes or those purchased well in advance are maintained.

The railway company PKP Intercity justifies the change in ticket prices with the need to adjust the amount of fees to the growing operating costs: per passenger, an increase of over 140%. costs related to the renovation of rolling stock and parking stations and an increase of 65% traction energy prices.

The decision is also influenced by changes to fees introduced earlier by regional carriers, as a result of which – according to the company – on some routes long-distance trains with a higher standard of travel have become cheaper than regional ones.

At the same time, railwaymen emphasize that this is the first such significant change in fees since 2013.

Timetables of long-distance trains

Higher base prices and greater discount on promotional thresholds

The updated transport tariff provides for an increase in the so-called base prices to which new discount thresholds will be applied for people buying tickets well in advance or benefiting from discounts on selected relationships:

  • 1st promotional threshold – 15 percent (so far 10%),
  • 2nd promotional threshold – 30 percent (so far 20%),
  • 3rd promotional threshold – 45 percent (so far 30%),
  • Promo Plus on EIP and EIC trains (changes depending on the relationship),
  • Super Promo on EIP and EIC trains (changes depending on the relationship).
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For example, for the Gdynia Główna – Warszawa Centralna route and the Express InterCity Premium train category, i.e. Pendolino trains, the base rate of the 2nd class increases from PLN 150 to PLN 169.

However, we will pay less than now in the 2nd and 3rd promotional thresholds (PLN 118.30 and PLN 92.95, respectively, instead of PLN 120 and PLN 105), as well as using the Promo Plus offer (PLN 70 instead of PLN 77). The promotional ticket price in the Super Promo offer was maintained at the level of PLN 49. In the first promotional threshold, the price will increase from 135 to 143.65 PLN.

A detailed list of changes in the PKP Intercity tariff for selected base prices is included in the table. Updating of price lists also covers all season tickets.

Changes to the Cheap City Ticket and no Weekend Ticket

The changes from 13 January also apply to other promotional offers of PKP Intercity. The number of routes on which the Cheap City Ticket is valid will be reduced, and the offer of Weekend Tickets will be liquidated.

In the case of the first change, the company explains the decision made by significantly reducing travel times and improving travel conditions on the modernized railway lines.

In terms of Weekend Tickets, PKP Intercity argues that they were used contrary to assumptions – mainly in transport peaks for trips “there and back”.

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Promotion for multiple journeys in the middle of the week

A new offer from January 13 – with multiple journeys in mind – will be “Multiprzejazd” and “Multiprzejazd Max” tickets. These tickets will be valid from Tuesday midnight until 15:00 on Thursday and will allow an unlimited number of journeys on the company’s trains:

  • TLK and IC in the 2nd class for PLN 119 (Multiprzejazd ticket),
  • TLK and IC in the first class for 159 PLN (Multiprzejazd ticket),
  • TLK, IC, EIC and EIP in 2nd class for PLN 239 (Mutliprzejazd Max ticket),
  • TLK, IC, EIC and EIP in the first class for 396 PLN (Multiprzejazd Max ticket).

The above prices do not include fees for booking seats and surcharges for the use of EIP category trains.

Investments in rolling stock and infrastructure. By train up to 250 km / h

Railwaymen, together with the announcement about the increases, provided information about the extended development strategy of PKP Intercity until 2030. The company intends to increase funds for investments in rolling stock and infrastructure from PLN 19 to 27 billion.

The number of launched trains is also to be doubled, and the line speed on most lines should be increased from 120-160 km / h to 160-250 km / h, on which additional new and modernized trains will run.

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