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According to the published data, the conversation took place on April 7. The career Russian military “Rostov” ordered the “DPR” militant Chepishko to open fire at the coordinates where the other militants were based.

In conversation, “Rostov” calls the militants “meat” / screenshot

Ukrainian counterintelligence carried out radio interception of negotiations between DPR militants and Russian curators. A fragment of the recording was at the disposal of UNIAN.

During the conversation, “Rostov” – the curator from the Russian Federation, a career serviceman of the Russian Federation, major, commander of the GSADN (based in Novoazovsk), gives the coordinates and orders to open fire on them to the “DPR” militant A.V. Chepishko. – First Deputy Chief of Staff of the GSADN (howitzer self-propelled artillery division). But during the conversation it turns out that the militants are based on these coordinates.

Here is a transcript of the conversations.

Conversation of “Rostov” with Chepishko, April 7 at 12:42

Chepishko: Yes, I’m listening.

Rostov: Did you find out?

D: Hello, repeat, I didn’t hear.

R: Hello! It’s me! Found out, no?

H: Got it.

R: Call your guys, raise them, work will be done now.

D: Got it, good.

R: Call the first farm, quickly raise them, now you will work. Let’s go for 10 minutes.

D: Accepted, good.

R: Everything, you will report.

After that Chepishko called the militant N.V. Demich. (call sign “Chagan”), the gun commander of the second crew.

Chepishko: Hello, Chagan! Get the guys up. On the “trunks” (barrel artillery – ed.), Quickly raise!

Demic: Hello! What-what? Didn’t hear.

D: Get up guys quickly, 10 minutes ready. Calculations for combat.

D: Got it, got it.

H: Now I will get the goals and work.

D: Okay, yes, I heard.

D: How will your reports be ready.

Conversation between the militant Chepishko and the curator from the Russian Federation “Rostov”:

Chepishko: Alo, comrade commander, the calculations are ready.

“Rostov”: So, listen here, give two “trunks” to work in full, they must work out tightly, do you understand?

H: Accepted, understood

R: So, look, the first goal, are you writing? 24284 at 10108. The second – 24451 at 09840. Recorded?

C: Yes

R: So look, runaway, half of the BC. Accepted?

H: Yes, it works as a runaway, accepted.

R: Everything, come on, do it.

In the next conversation, the militant Chepishko is outraged that the Russians are demanding to strike at “their own”.

Chepishko: Hello, comrade commander! So it’s ours!

“Rostov”: You don’t give a shit – ours are not ours! There is an order – carry it out!

Ch: The first target is the Varyag.

R: Yes, I don’t give a fuck who. You have an order. Execute!

D: Ta bl *, we will cover ours.

R: Listen here! They are meat. It’s not a pity for them. Or do you want to be in their place? Do we need a war? They will get it. And ours, who are on the “tape” (the border between the Russian Federation and the occupied territories – ed.), Will finally be able to fully enter. You understood me?

D: Yes, but I’m sorry for the guys …

R: Sorry for the bee. We will write off for dill. Then we’ll deal with their families. The main thing is to start the active stage. We’ll write off for the war.

Ch. Got it. I’m doing it.

Then Chepishko transmits the coordinates and the order to open fire to Demic. That order “accepts”

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