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Diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tried to put the divergent policy of the Prime Minister in an acceptable framework, the President commented

“The prime minister’s interview with the Guardian is very revealing. He acknowledged that Bulgaria exports weapons to Ukraine. Wanting to hit me, he shot Ninova, who heads the commission that issues permits for this weapon. ” This was commented by President Rumen Radev from Graf Ignatievo Air Base.

Earlier, he commented on the French proposal for Northern Macedonia.

“It contains a large part of the basic Bulgarian requirements, but it could have been more successful if our politicians had paid more attention to this whole process. “If the diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs relied not only on the presidential institution, they did not waste much time and energy to put the diverse policy of the Prime Minister within acceptable limits,” Radev said.

“I have long insisted that Macedonian Bulgarians be enshrined in the Constitution. “Paradoxically, it was easier to convince the French president and European leaders than the Bulgarian prime minister, whose cabinet did not take responsibility for its actions and did not give Bulgarian institutions enough time to get acquainted with the case,” Radev continued.

“As for the guarantees for the cultural and historical heritage, yesterday the MPs voted with a blank check, there are no necessary mechanisms and deadlines for protection. The next Bulgarian governments will be in the current situation – to have fruitless disputes with the Macedonian side, “the president said.

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Rumen Radev said that he had insisted to the CCNS on the subject of the requirement for Macedonian Bulgarians to be included in the constitution. “All parties, except ITN, rejected this proposal and accepted it only when it came through President Macron,” Radev said.

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