Rachid Al-Khayoun … a bold pen that triumphs over tolerance

Taha Haseeb (Dubai)

Iraqi writer Rashid Al-Khayoun won the Arab Journalism Award at its twentieth session in the “Best Journalism Column” category. Al-Khayun is among the most prominent writers on the “Perspectives” pages of the newspaper “Al-Ittihad”, through which he has been publishing a weekly article for 13 years.
Through the lens of heritage, Rashid Al-Khayoun sheds light on reality in its details and links it to the facts of history, through his article in the “Points of view” pages. Wednesday 6 May 2009, the date of publication of his first article on the “Union”, entitled “Iraq: Nuri Al-Saeed and Britain!” Al-Chion’s articles triumph over tolerance and communication with each other and boldly discuss prospects and the future.
Being a scholar of religious doctrines, Alchion enlightens the reader with some details of each doctrine. In the spirit of the critic and thinker, he sets his vision of the Iraqi scene, aspiring to a tolerant society that transcends fanaticism and sectarian hostility.In his articles, Al-Khayun returns to the bright periods of Islamic civilization and delves into their details. In 2017, his book entitled “The Impact of Blacks in Islamic Civilization” won the King Abdulaziz Book Award, Department of History. For the year 2017. The Cheons are enthusiastic about the integrity of the language of the article and have almost created a formation for each of his text. The signs of the name and descent can change the meaning and confuse the purpose of the content of the article, and whoever reviews his article realizes his diligence in all information, and always sees in his body the spirit of the eager researcher and expert. to achieve heritage. On the pages of Al-Ittihad, Al-Chion spared no effort in his articles to confirm his rejection of sectarianism and his hatred of the sectarianism on which extremists and supporters of extremism are based. Khion has always recorded its rejection of the claims of sectarian militias, emphasizing the importance of the nation state as a regulatory framework for society in all its sectarian and ethnic categories. Readers of his articles every Wednesday in Al-Ittihad can be provided with a solid load of knowledge and a bold critique of Iraqi reality with two or more lines of poetry concluding his article.
Al-Khayun has published the following books: “Abu Dhabi .. Reconciliation between mind and wealth .. Views and impressions” 2012. “The Mu’tazila doctrine of discourse to philosophy 1994,” and a book (Baghdad – Damascus) 2008. “The Mu’tazila of Basra and Baghdad” in 1997. “Politics confiscates the section 2012. The controversy over the download (the history and the question of the creation of the Koran) in 2000.” Religions and sects in Iraq, their past and their present “in 2016. Letters of Hayy (Babi and Baha’i), 2003.” Permissible and permissible “in 2004.” Conditional and despotic … The revolution of the 1906 Constitution. ” 2006. “Toros from the legacy of Islam” in 2007. “The Iraqi Society .. A Legacy of Tolerance and Hatred” in 2008. “Against sectarianism .. Post-2003 controversy in Iraq”. “After the permission of the faqih .. the forbidden and the lawful in the treatment of women, in childhood, in writing and in food” 2011. “Summarizing the statement in the memory of the difference of religious people” (investigation and presentation) in 2011. “100 Years of Political Islam in Iraq (parts), 2011. And the book” The Dispute over The Constitution Among Shiite Scholars (Conditional and Autocratic), 2011. “The Mandaean Religion” (investigation), Madarak 2012. “The Impact dei blacks on Islamic civilization “2015.

Hamad Al-Kaabi: Al-Ittihad’s victory is proof of Emirati media strength in opinion articles
Hamad Al Kaabi, chief editor of the Union, said that winning the Arab Press Award in the category of the best press column with articles by Dr. Rashid Al-Khaiyun is proof of the power of the Emirati media to present articles through opinion that they provide creative visions that support civil development.

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