Raccoon Dog Identified as Possible Origin of Covid-19

Scientists have still not been able to formally establish the causes of the appearance of Covid-19. In the United States, the American Minister of Energy thinks it is of a leak from a Chinese laboratory. A thesis refuted by Beijing: “We should stop agitating this theory of a laboratory leak, stop smearing China and stop politicizing the search for the origins of the virus”, underlined the spokesperson. of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Mao Ning.

Before continuing: “Experts from China and the WHO, based on field visits to laboratories in Wuhan and in-depth exchanges with researchers, have established the authoritative conclusion that the option of a lab leak is highly unlikely”.

An animal close to the raccoon

A new theory is born thanks to a study carried out by international researchers. The outbreak of the virus could be the fault raccoon dog, an animal close to the raccoon. These conclusions were formulated following the analysis of samples taken from the Huanan market, located in Wuhan, a city in central eastern China where the virus was first detected. This data comes from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCCPM).

This study reports the presence of DNA traces from raccoon dogs, civets and other mammals in the various samples. A discovery that revives the trail of an intermediate host animal. If the hypothesis is reinforced, other studies are necessary to confirm these results and clearly establish the origin of Covid-19, as the WHO reminds us: “Even if we are more and more confident that the end of the pandemic of Covid-19 is approaching, the question of how it started remains unanswered”.

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