Putin plans to expand war in Ukraine – AP

Russian ship burning in the port of Berdyansk

The Russian Federation resorts to the tactics of besieging cities, bombarding them from afar, and its ground forces are mostly stagnant.

The war in Ukraine is approaching a new, potentially more dangerous phase. AR on Friday, March 25th.

The publication believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to replenish ground forces exhausted by the confrontation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, attack the flow of weapons coming to Ukrainian defenders from the West, “and generally escalate, or expand, the war in Ukraine.”

“Despite his failure to win a quick victory, Putin is not giving up in the face of mounting international pressure, including sanctions hitting his economy. The Western world is largely opposed to Putin, but there are no signs that he is losing support from part of the majority of Russian society, which mainly relies on state-controlled television for information.

Ukrainian defenders are showing new signs of confidence as invading forces attempt to regroup.

Russia’s imperfection in Ukraine may be the biggest shock of the war so far. After two decades of modernization and professionalization, Putin’s forces have proven ill-prepared, poorly coordinated and surprisingly unstoppable.

Air Vice Marshal Meek Smith, the London-based defense attaché in Washington, says British intelligence estimates Ukrainian forces have likely recaptured two cities west of the capital Kyiv.

“It is likely that successful Ukrainian counterattacks will undermine the ability of Russian forces to reorganize and resume their own offensive against Kyiv,” Smith said.

The publication notes that Putin resorts to the tactics of besieging key Ukrainian cities, bombarding them from afar, and his ground forces are mostly stagnant.

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Philip Breedlove, a retired Air Force general who was NATO’s commander-in-chief in Europe from 2013 to 2016 and is now a Europe specialist at the Middle East Institute, said Ukraine may not win the war outright, but the outcome will be determined by how Zelensky is ready to agree to a negotiated settlement.

“I think it is unlikely that Russia will be defeated on the battlefield in detail,” Breedlove said, because Russia has a large reserve of forces that it can use. But Ukraine may see the victory as forcing Russia to pay such a high price that it is ready to make a deal and leave.

“I think there’s a chance for that,” Breedlove said.

Earlier it was reported that over the past day APU repulsed nine attacks of the enemy. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ukrainian military is also holding defense in certain areas of the Kiev region. went on the counteroffensive. In particular, liberated the village of Lukyanovka in the Brovarsky district.

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