Pulisic is honest about his bad relationship with TuchelMediotiempo

Cristiano Pulisico did not have a good relationship with the former coach of the ChelseaThomas Tuchel, recently fired and on the eve of his autobiography, the American player revealed that he was very angry with the German during the semifinal of Champions League.

Tuchel promised the American striker to be the starter in the Vuelta of the semifinal against real Madrid in 2021, since he scored in the Ida who drew on a goal; however, he did not realize it and gave him the opportunity to do so Kai Havertz.

“What happened before that match it was very disappointing for me. I played a good first leg and the next game was against Fulham in the league. Tuchel told me he would rest for the Vuelta match and that’s why I didn’t play a minute against Fulham, “he says in his autobiography which will go on sale on October 18, entitled “Christian Pulisic: my journey so far”

“On the day of the semifinal of the Vuelta, Tuchel told me he changed his mind and I was going to put Kai (Havertz). Honestly I was amazed and very disappointed. I thought I had earned the startand most importantly, he assured me that I would start. When she took me into the game with 25 minutes left, I was very angry. “

Pulisico He also revealed that his goal against meringues came in a show where he disobeyed Tuchelwho yelled at him not to move, but ended up doing what he thought would be best.

the untold story behind that goal is the one when (Antonio) Rudiger he has the ball, I see he is trying to play it over the top and I started running to get behind the baseline Madrid“, revealed.

“But when I go for a run, I hear Thomas Tuchel scream from the side: ‘Christian, stay in the area, do not rush!’ But I had a feeling that I would find the space and get to the end of the passage, so I kept running.

“I cut early Nacho and behind (Raphael) Varane. When I got the ball I thought I should shoot right away, but then I understood I had a lot more time than I thought why Nacho had run to cover the goal line and Soon I was more interested in marking the finish in the area of ​​(Timo) Werner“.

“So I thought it would create a better angle for me by surrounding Courtois and then being able to choose my seat ”, he added.

According to Sportsmail, Tuchel had had enough players with theirs scream and moan during games, therefore, he did not like to play on the side of the bench where the German strategist, who was fired on 7 September, was positioned.

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