Presidential. Jean-Luc Mélenchon defends a “social emergency law”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, rebel candidate for the 2022 presidential election, defend a “Social emergency law” including the price freeze on basic necessities, the increase in the minimum wage to 1,400 euros net and the postponement of the repayment of loans guaranteed by the State, in an interview with JDD on Sunday.

The LFI deputy also wants to decree “A blank year for the profits of the CAC 40: anything that exceeds the average progression of the CAC 40 is requisitioned”, he proposes in order to collect a manna of “More than 50? Billion euros” which will be used for “Finance a? Million jobs”.

“We have emergency security laws, health emergency laws: it’s time to have a social emergency law” to help “10? million people (who) live below the poverty line ”, affirms the elected official of Marseille for whom “ the country needs a popular consumption shock ”.

Price freeze

“It is not possible that energy, gas, electricity, fuels or essential foodstuffs are unaffordable”, deplores Mr. Mélenchon by wanting to establish “Immediately the price freeze on basic necessities”.

Other urgent measures, “Increase the minimum wage to bring it to 1,400 euros net monthly” and “Postpone the repayment of loans guaranteed by the State for two years”, without what “Thousands of companies will crash into the debt wall”, fears the boss of the Insoumis who also proposes the nationalization of all “Common goods, air, water, which would then belong to all”.

New candidate in the ranks of the left, former socialist minister Arnaud Montebourg “Widens the audience for ideas we have in common, like the Sixth? Republic”, welcomes Mr. Mélenchon, “And he puts the PS up to the wall. I believe that his candidacy serves our action. “

As for the Communist Party, whose banner it carried in 2012 and 2017 but which this time decided to go alone with Fabien Roussel, Mr. Mélenchon, declared candidate since November 2020, ” renews »His proposal “A shared program and a legislative agreement before the presidential election”, based on “The renewal of all leavers and the distribution of the rest”.



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