“President Wen, Vaccine Priority Vaccination for G7 Meeting”

Input 2021.03.06 16:54

Authorities “Departure for mandatory public service related to national interest, exceptional priority vaccination”

It is expected that President Moon Jae-in will first receive a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) vaccine ahead of his departure to attend the G7 (7 major countries) summit in the UK in June.

President Moon Jae-in is demonstrating a comparison between a general syringe and a minimum residual type syringe at Poonglim Pharmatech, a facility for producing the least residual type (LDS) syringe for corona 19 vaccination in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do, on the afternoon of the 18th of last month. /yunhap news

In a regular briefing on the afternoon of the 6th, Jeong Kyung-sil, head of the vaccination management team of the Corona 19 Vaccination Response Promotion Team, said, “I know that the Blue House has revealed that it is due to the G7 Summit.” We have already announced the contents of the vaccination, and (President Moon) thinks that we will follow the procedure.”

According to the vaccination implementation plan announced by the authorities on January 28th, an exceptionally preferred vaccination is applied through a strict certification procedure only in cases of urgent departure due to essential public affairs and important economic activities. In this case, the jurisdiction goes through the grounds review and approval procedures by the Korean Disease Administration.

The Blue House said on the 4th that “President Moon is willing to get the AstraZeneca vaccine.” Regarding the timing of vaccination, the Blue House said, “It will be decided in consideration of the Disease Management Administration manual and foreign diplomatic schedules,” and said, “We will make a decision based on the schedule of the June G7 Summit, which is likely to be held face-to-face.”

In the case of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the vaccine should be given twice every 8 weeks. Considering this, President Moon’s primary vaccination is expected to take place around the end of this month.

When asked,’Do you think President Moon’s vaccination will increase the credibility of the vaccine?’ And said.



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