President Trump splits in “War on the Corona Virus”

Given the unprecedented challenges facing the country, political leaders in Washington are not moving closer together, they are cooking their own soup. Hardly anything illustrates this more than the 47 to 47 vote stalemate in the US Senate when it voted on the $ 2 trillion corona relief package.

Instead of seeking close consultation with the Democrats, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell tried to whip the law on his own. Now he has to make another attempt to do without Rand Paul, who was the first senator to test positive. Also missing is Mitt Romney, who retires to quarantine after contact with an infected person.

The reaction of Donald Trump to the isolation of his intra-party opponent shows how toxic the mood is. “Man, how annoying,” he said at the briefing of the Corona working group in the White House. When asked by a reporter whether this was meant sarcastically, the president said: “No, not at all.”

“Are not shipping personnel”

Trump had similarly poisoned the calls for help from governors from the hardest hit states for more protective equipment and medical equipment on Thursday. “We are not shipping personnel,” he said, while FEMA director of national disaster relief, Peter T. Gaynor, advised states to do what they could by themselves.

It was not until Sunday that Trump approved the National Guard mobilization in Washington, New York, and California and the establishment of 4,000 emergency hospital beds. At a performance in the White House, he presented himself as “President in wartime”. It was a different war than anyone the United States had waged so far. Although Trump spoke of an “invisible enemy”, he gave it a name: “Chinese virus”. This must be combated with “every means that is available”.

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Instead of bringing the nation and world together in the crisis, Trump divides. And endanger human life. Especially since the US is urgently dependent on cooperation from China, which is the only country that can provide protective material in the short term. The President has not yet resorted to the powers of a Defense Production Act to order the production of masks and ventilators in the United States.

Trump relies on industry voluntariness. He defended this by saying that the United States is not a country in which business is socialized. “Just ask in Venezuela how well nationalization of the economy works there.” While critics believe Trump is turning his briefings into dangerous happenings where he neither keeps his distance nor shakes hands, experts like Anthony Fauci from the “National Institute of Health” try to prevent the worst.

The infection specialist repeatedly corrects statements that are incorrect or raise false expectations. Be it from “effective” agents against the virus to “quick” vaccinations. Instead, he appeals to the Americans to strictly maintain a social distance. On Sunday, Fauci gave free rein to his frustration with the “Commander-in-Chief”. A reporter from the science magazine “Science” asked him how he felt about being behind the president at the briefings when “non-true and non-factual” things were said. “Then we have to try to correct it next time,” said Fauci. “I can’t jump in front of the microphone and throw it on the floor.”



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