President Rumen Radev defends Bulgarian intelligence services and clarifies role in reforming them

First of all, anyone who has the ambition to make any deep changes in the services must be fully aware that these services do not belong to the President, they belong to Bulgaria and are under the direct operational leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – in the person of the Prime Minister, and not the president’s. If you want to reform the services, you must know the laws of these services, the structure, tasks, functions, the way of cooperation of these services with foreign partners. This is what Rumen Radev said to the media in connection with the leaked recording from the National Council of PP.

According to Radev, the services have been seriously reformed and are making maximum efforts within the budget and resources at their disposal.

“Last year, DANS leadership went to the United States at their invitation and received the George Tenet Award, which is given only once a year to only one service from around the world. The DANS award is given for “outstanding services and contributions to the national security of USA, for exemplary cooperation in fighting terrorism and strengthening democracy and protecting it from malign influences”.

“And now these people want to decapitate this leadership, based on some embassies. This is absolute nonsense,” Radev said.

Regarding the phrase from the recording that the PP had between 7-10%, but they did “ala-bala through the president”, Radev said:

“Alabalisms are not my style. They are obviously other people’s style, as the record makes clear. Let those people explain what they meant by their words. As they should explain many other things as well.”

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At 5:00 p.m. today, the head of state will hand over an exploratory mandate for forming a government to the second largest parliamentary-represented force “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria”.

Regarding Kuro’s murder, Radev said that work is being done in close cooperation with the RYA to establish the facts and circumstances, and all the possibilities of partner services should be used to reach the perpetrators and guarantors of this murder. The motives are not clear yet.

President Rumen Radev accepted the honorary status of the training ground “Novo Selo”. He took part in a day to present the capabilities of the participants in the “Defensive Shield 23” tactical live fire exercise, together with the Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov and the Chief of Defense Admiral Emil Eftimov.

2023-05-29 09:38:00

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