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The problem of fertilizer is still a serious problem faced by farmers today. Paahal the role of fertilizer is very large for plant growth and production. Fertilizers can provide or boost productivity 15-75 percent of plant productivity.

The price of chemical fertilizers tends to soar, this can result in higher production costs that must be incurred by farmers. this creates difficulties for farmers to obtain a decent income, if production costs are high while sometimes the selling price of the products produced often fluctuates.

Seeing the above, now comes the thought of developing organic agriculture. Organic fertilizers are natural fertilizers derived from plant materials and animal waste. Which has undergone a series of fermentation processes. Organic fertilizers consist of solid organic and liquid organic.

On Friday, 3 February 2023 the farmer group “Makmur Tani” practiced making Liquid Organic Fertilizer from Coconut Fiber. Coconut coir liquid organic fertilizer is an organic fertilizer based on coconut coir. Coconut sabur contains high potassium which is beneficial for plants in producing better farming products in terms of quality and quantity.

Coconut coir contains the element potassium (K) that plants need. Apart from being a natural source of potassium (K), coconut coir contains other nutrients that are beneficial to plants. The nutrient content includes phosphorus (P), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sodium and several other micro elements. The element potassium (K) is more dominant, therefore POC coconut coir is a natural source of potassium fertilizer.

The benefits of coconut coir solution which has become Liquid Organic Fertilizer are numerous, including: 1. Strengthens plant stems and roots, 2. Increases the weight or content of fruit and plant seeds, 3. Brightens the color of fruit or plant seeds, 4. Adds fragrance on fruit, 5. The fruit becomes sweeter.

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The method for making Caik Potassium organic fertilizer (POC-K) is as follows: prepare tools and materials, namely: 1. Container (bucket/used barrel/jerry can), 2. Machete/machete, 3. 1 kg coconut fiber (dry), 4 100 grams of brown sugar / molasses, 5. EM4 100 ml/MA 11 50 ml, 6. 10 liters of water. How to make it is: 1; Chop/chop the coconut husks into small pieces. Then put it in a container, 2. Dissolve water, molasses and EM4 or MA11. Mix thoroughly. Put it in a jerry can containing pieces of coir head, 3. The jerry can is tightly closed. Open the lid of the jerry can every morning for a few seconds to get rid of the gas that has arisen. 4. Store it in a shady place. Leave all the ingredients for 2 weeks, 5. After finishing, strain the solution with a filter. POC solution is ready to use.

On the 15th day, open the lid. Observe the color change. If the color of the soaking water has turned brownish to blackish or dark yellow and smells of tape, this is a sign that liquid organic fertilizer (POC) is finished and ready to be applied to plants.

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