Poverty can be eradicated in India with a good salary | Narayana Murthy explains why it’s harder to be successful now than during his career guru time

About influential people in life, early career challenges, and two things an entrepreneur needs to be successful In an interview granted to The Week NR Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys and one of the pioneers of the IT industry in India As indicated:

I grew up in a lower-middle-class family. Our way was to live simply. My parents have constantly reminded me of the values ​​of discipline, honesty, education and the importance of hard work. My father always made sure that we taught our children Mahatma Gandhi’s ideal of living by example. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from my family is the same: do what you say. Drive from the front.

My father taught me one of the most important lessons a student should know: making a schedule while studying at home. He knew that topics like geography and history were difficult for me to learn. “If you don’t take the time to study these subjects at home, you’ll never learn them,” my father once said. That’s how I prepared the calendar including likes and dislikes. This is one of the lessons that has helped me the most as a student.

What I learned from my mother was empathy, kindness and compassion. Mom taught us the idea of ​​sharing what we have with the less fortunate. It was the high school principal who taught us to protect public property more carefully than our own property. IIM Professor JG taught that accurate figures and information should be taken into consideration when making decisions on critical issues. It is Krishnaia. It was a professor in Paris who taught that every transaction should be seen as new without the burden of old transactions, that there should be no bias in making decisions, that the calculations should be accurate, and that responsibility for everything should be taken. From my parents, high school teachers in Mysuru, bosses in India and abroad, I am influenced by everyone.

The importance of sticking to values

Governed by intelligence, inspired by values ​​is the motto of Infosys. We knew that only leadership that believes in values ​​can win the respect of government, society, colleagues and customers. Lower-level government officials often asked us for bribes to get a lot of things. They said if you give us what you want, we can give you what you want. But we weren’t ready to give in to their demands. As a result, several projects suffered indefinite delays. We were once taxed at an unacceptably high rate. It took the next 10 years to get that money back. It was a very painful experience. The only consolation is that we won in the end.

At first there were accidents but honesty never gave up. The same officials who harassed us by asking for bribes etc. they started to respect us. Now everyone knows that there can be no untrue actions on the part of Infosys. I would like to tell budding entrepreneurs that even if you have bad experiences, don’t give up. If so, no one will ask you for a bribe.

NR Narayana Murthy. Photo credit: Shailendra Bhojak / PTI

Lessons learned in life

The biggest lesson that changed my life was not in India, but in France. This is where I go from being a confused leftist to a determined and kind entrepreneur. It was only after he went to work in a company in Paris that his desire to become an entrepreneur was consolidated. It was the early 1970s. The desire to become an entrepreneur took root in me by learning three things.

1. The only way to eradicate poverty in a country like India is to create better opportunities with better wages.

2. Job opportunities can only be created by welcoming entrepreneurs from the private sector. By implementing better ideas, you can increase productivity and improve service. Thus entrepreneurs generate income on their own and create job opportunities for others.

3. The government of any country should encourage entrepreneurs who create better job opportunities. All obstacles in front of entrepreneurs should be removed and favorable conditions for investment created.

I learned these three lessons through Saturday and Sunday discussions with people from left and right parties when I was in Paris. I was also very impressed with the implementation of the free market system by Western countries. I have seen those countries solve the huge problem of poverty and improve the lives of ordinary people by creating jobs and wealth. They have been able to effectively implement many things like basic construction industry growth, cleaning and corruption free system. My socialist mindset based on Nehru’s policies was shaken. I was amazed that my country would become like rich European countries. New ideas were forming in the mind on the return trip from Paris to Mysore to other European countries.

In the 1970s, I visited almost all European countries, Israel, Iraq, the Soviet Union, the Gulf, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. With an unpleasant situation with the police in Serbia, through no fault of my own, I completely changed from a leftist to a strong-willed entrepreneur.

Drive from the front and do what you say. Only through these can the respect and admiration of colleagues be obtained. Luck plays a crucial role in any man’s success. He always tries not to let success go to your head. Humility and humility are always necessary.

If you do well, you can get recognition

With acceptance comes respect; When respect is earned, so is power. India can also become economically strong only if it performs well and achieves success. Better ideas are also needed. As individuals, we must maintain our courtesy and humility even as we ascend. A clear conscience is the softest pillow. Always keep the best values ​​in mind.

Face to face with suffering

During the Infosys founding years in 1981, all of my colleagues were in the United States. I was the only one in India that time. In the beginning it was my responsibility to deal with all difficulties. The main challenge was the unfounded barriers posed by the government system. It was difficult to obtain telephone connections, licenses, bank loans, etc.


NR Narayana Murthy.Photo Credit: MANJUNATH KIRAN

NR Narayana Murthy. Photo credit: Boby Yip / Reuters

It took 7 years to get the phone connection. It took two years to import the computer. He has visited Delhi 30 times just for that. A minimum of two weeks was required for foreign currency to visit any country for one-day business purposes. There were few officials who understood what the market was, how the market moved, or even how the stock market worked. The only good thing is that the situation in the United States has been good. Not forgetting that at that time we had few competitors in India and the United States. We also had talented engineers.

Today the competition is so fierce in every field that only more talents can sustain and win. Talented entrepreneurs come every day. There is no shortage of ideas. Apart from the most talented 10 percent, it cannot be said that the number of talented people in India is high. Success can only be achieved by understanding the market and shaping talent. I think it is more difficult to win today than in the past. Therefore, today’s entrepreneurs are more capable than I once was. I’m also a fan of them.

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