Porsche with a straight leg on Ferrari and Lamborghini: “they must not be exempted from the farewell to the thermal”

Once again some statements by the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, ended up in the middle of a storm. This time the question widened to a question and answer involving various manufacturers in the automotive sector.

Let’s take a step back. There European Commission proposed long ago that from 2035 no longer be allowed to sell cars with endothermic engine, and as a result of this imposition, many car manufacturers have accelerated their programs for the transition to electric. A few days ago Minister Cingolani spoke on the subject, revealing that in the plans of the Draghi Government there is the will to request exemption from this obligation for the so-called Motor Valley.

The area around Modena is so called because it is the breeding ground of many companies in the engine sector, and in particular of historic sports brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini O Pagani. According to the Italian politician, the reduced production volumes of these companies would not justify the obligation to abandon the heat engine, with the risk of employment repercussions.

also arrived a few days ago the opinion, or almost an attack, of Oliver Blume, Chief Executive Officer of Porsche, absolutely opposed to a possible exemption. We know that Porsche, as a competitor of the aforementioned Italian brands, has invested heavily in the electric, in the form of the Porsche Taycan, which in a short time became one of the leading products for the German company.

According to Blume, the Motor Valley exemption would be a mistake, because textual words “decarbonisation is a global issue and everyone must contribute“. For the CEO there would also be a technical factor in favor of the electric, which by 2030 will be unbeatable in terms of performance, even for super sports cars.

It can also be underlined, in this context, that the Motor Valley is going through a period of transition. In the realm of motors there are already companies that are looking to the electric future, even with some success. The most obvious case is probably Resilient, with its electric motorcycles, the only other model used in the championship of MotoE. Then there are new realities with important and innovative projects, such as Silk-FAW, that make the Motor Valley the home of its electric hypercar, also generating several jobs. And it is also necessary to point out an Italian project like that of Automobili Estrema, which is based in Modena, where it wants to build the hypercar Lightning.



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