Pornhub, the shock investigation: “Earn money with the images of the rapes of minors”

Pornhub it is Youtube of porn and during the lockdown last spring it stood out for offering its contents for free. From an investigation published in the New York Times it would appear that the site it would also make money through the dissemination of images of the rapes of thousands of minors. Furthermore, according to the American newspaper, it would continue to monetize despite requests to delete i video indicted. A practice that risks ruining the lives of the victims.

The investigation bears the signature of Pulitzer Prize Winner Nicholas Kristof and it is a real complaint against the Canadian site. Such as Youtube, Pornhub shares videos uploaded directly by users on the platform. Among the images that end up on the site there would also be those of the rapes of thousands of minors of both sexes, of different ages and nationalities. These videos would also contribute to the profit.

6.8 million new videos end up on Pornhub every year and some show abuse of children of uncertain and difficult to verify age. Kristof discovered hundreds of thousands of videos and interviewed the victims of abuse. Many would have asked in vain to delete the videos that portray them, but in some cases even the cancellation could prove in vain because there is the possibility that some of the users have already downloaded it. «Pornhub has become my exploiter. He keeps selling me, ”said a 23-year-old who was forced into prostitution after being adopted.

“They are making money with the worst time of my life, with my body,” explains a Colombian girl who was a victim of child prostitution when she was 16. With 3.5 billion visits per month, Pornhub is the 10th most visited website in the world and would not perform enough checks on the content that is posted. The managers deny the allegations and refuse to answer questions from the New York Times. They are not currently responsible for videos posted by others.

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