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KOMPAS.com – Photo Perseverance NASA who was aiming for the rubble at its landing site at planet Mars be one popular news Science throughout Wednesday (10/8/2022).

NASA’s Perseverance, first lands on the surface Mars on February 18, 2021. The Perseverance rover landing wreckage shots turned out to be quite a lot.

The team has recorded that there are about a dozen debris captured by NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover.

The phenomenon of the sky is the peak Perseid meteor shower will occur on August 13, 2022.

Researcher at the Center for Space Science of the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Lapan) of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Andi Princeg said, perseid meteor shower can be observed from all parts of Indonesia.

Video viral circulating which shows an elementary school child with a messy haircut due to a teacher’s cut is crowded on social media.

This has also invited various reactions among netizens and the public. Psychologists also regretted this and emphasized the importance of communication between schools and parents regarding the actions to be taken against students.

BMKG issues early warning extreme weather until August 10, 2022. The reason is, this is related to the impact 97W tropis tropical cyclone seed which can affect the weather conditions in Indonesia.

Here are some news summaries Popular Science throughout Wednesday (10/8/2022) to Thursday (11/8/2022) morning.

NASA’s Perseverance Mars takes aim at its landing debris

The United States Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Mars rover, the Mars rover Perseverance, targets debris at its landing site at Planet Mars on February 18, 2021.

During the Mars landing, a number of hardware elements slowed the spacecraft’s speed from 20,000 kph, when it first entered the Martian atmosphere, to zero miles per hour when placed gently on its surface.

Reporting from Space, Tuesday (9/8/2022) all processes from entering the atmosphere to NASA’s Perseverance landing on the surface of Mars, occurred in just a very short time, for seven minutes.

Once the job is done, hardware such as parachutes, heat shields, and more are removed from NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance, hitting Planet Mars some distance away so as not to damage it.

For the past year and a half, the Perseverance team has been looking at and cataloging the suspected EDL debris. The Perseverance rover landing wreckage shots turned out to be quite a lot.

The team has recorded that there are about a dozen debris that was successfully photographed by the Mars rover, NASA’s Perseverance.

The first piece was discovered on April 16, 2022, when a very bright object was seen in one of Perseverance’s Mastcam-Z panoramas.

Popular news The science of this photo of NASA’s Perseverance landing debris on Mars can be read in full here.

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Researcher at the Center for Space Science of the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Lapan) of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Andi Pangerang said the Perseid meteor shower could be observed from all over Indonesia.

In terms of intensity, the meteor shower that will occur will range from 56 meteors per hour in Kupang to 93 meteors per hour in Sabang.

“Northern Indonesia, the publication of the meteor shower (meteor shower) will be at 23.30 local time at the earliest, while for the southern part of Indonesia, the publication will be no later than 00.30 local time,” Andi said when contacted by Kompas.com, Wednesday (10/8/2022).

Perseid meteor shower, continued Andi, can be seen from the northeast to the north. Meteor has a speed of up to 212,000 km per hour or 173 times the speed of sound.

“This Perseid (meteor shower) can only be witnessed until the dawn of the sea ends, about 20-30 minutes before sunrise or at 05.30 local time,” he explained.

Naming the Perseid meteor shower, Andi added, Perseid comes from the dust residue of comet 109P/Swifts-Tuttle.

Although named after the constellation Perseus, Perseid is located in the constellation Cassiopeia. Actually the Perseid meteor shower has been active since last July 17, and will end on August 24 next.

More complete information on popular Science about meteor shower peak Perseid, can be read here.

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The viral video of an elementary school child’s hair being cut by the teacher

Responding to cases video viral Elementary school children’s hair is cut by the teacherChild and Family Psychologist Astrid WEN, M. Psi, said that there needs to be communication between schools and parents regarding the actions to be taken with students.

“There needs to be consent, we can’t just act arbitrarily without warning or information. If it’s like this, it can actually be an accident or violence that the school may not be aware of,” said Astrid to Kompas.com, Tuesday (9/8/2022) .

He added, both in public and private schools there needs to be enrichment for teachers so as not to repeat similar actions.

In addition, there must be a solution regarding the rules for styling children’s hair at school.

“If I see it more, yes, as a form of violence because there is no consent, abuse of power and no communication,” he added.

Children, continued Astrid, risk feeling humiliated in front of their friends at school. Thus, he considered that the act of cutting students’ hair carelessly should no longer be carried out by teachers at schools.

In the viral video, it is stated that an elementary school child whose hair was cut by a teacher was traumatized. Talking about trauma to the child, according to Astrid, must refer back to the definition of trauma itself.

You can read more about the psychologist’s response to the viral video of an elementary school student having his hair cut by a teacher, here.

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This extreme weather potential is the result of the detection of tropical cyclone seeds 97W, which can affect weather conditions in Indonesia.

Based on BMKG analysis, tropical cyclone seeds 97W were observed in the South China Sea west of the Philippines, to be precise at around 14.0 North Latitude 112.6 East Longitude with a maximum wind speed of 20 knots and a minimum air pressure of 1003.7 mb.

The Deputy for Meteorology at BMKG, Guswanto, said that this system is moving in a west-northwest direction with the potential to grow into a tropical cyclone in the next 24 hours in the medium category.

According to him, the seeds of the tropical cyclone induce an increase in wind speed of more than 25 knots (low level jet) in the South China Sea.

The cyclonic circulation was observed in the Pacific Ocean north of West Papua which forms a meeting area and wind deceleration (convergence), which extends in the Pacific Ocean north of Halmahera to the north of West Papua.

Learn more about popular Science news about weather early warning The extreme effects of tropical cyclone 97W can be seen here.

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