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Welcome to more interesting product tips from AliExpress market stores. Today’s edition is dedicated to the accessories of the famous and tested Baseus brand, which these days are at the lowest price as part of the “Brand Day” event. Although discounts on these pieces appear quite regularly, they rarely bring the price of products below the level that can be seen at Czech retailers. This time, however, you can actually find even more advantageous offers …

European warehouses, taxes and duties

The AliExpress sales portal has already started using direct taxation across the European Economic Area. Under the price of the goods you can see the phrase “Price including VAT” or the confirmation that the value already includes VAT. But keep in mind that goods with a value above 150 euros are also subject to customs duties.

Baseus 140W GaN charger

A very powerful adapter that can deliver up to 100 + 20 + 18W simultaneously through the USB-C / USB-C / USB-A sockets. The device is certified as PowerDelivery 3.1 and boasts 25% smaller dimensions than Apple’s equally powerful adapter.

Dinner: 1,740 CZK

Baseus USB-C docking station

A perfect tool, for example, for making full use of the Samsung DeX environment. Turn your mobile phone into a computer and connect almost any peripheral to it. There are 7 different ports.

Dinner: 800 CZK

Baseus car holder with 15W charging

One of the many, many owners of this brand. In this particular case, it is a model with 15W wireless charging and automatic pliers. It clips onto the fan grille and has support feet.

Dinner: 830 CZK

Baseus 15W Qi wireless charger

A classic among wireless chargers on AliExpress. Completely minimalist design, in the new version also with display. Thanks to the Qi standard, it can also be widely used for charging watches or headphones.

Dinner: 450 CZK

Baseus Bluetooth receiver / transmitter

A practical help to solve various audio connection problems with devices that do not “talk” to each other via Bluetooth or a jack connector. It can come in handy to the car.

Dinner: 270 CZK


Some store links may contain a so-called affiliate parameter, thanks to which the publisher receives a small fraction of the selling price. However, this link does not affect the final amount and the products are in no case selected based on the commission amount. By purchasing through these links, you are supporting Android World. Thanks for your understanding.

Other attractions with a price of up to 300 CZK

A selection of other products that cost a few crowns. Even so, they might make your life easier or more enjoyable, so take a look.


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Marek Houser

Marek Houser

Marek Houser

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Product Dinner
Essager mobile phone holder 280 CZK
Running shorts with mobile phone pocket 240 CZK
Mobile phone / tablet holder for the car seat 210 CZK
64GB USB stick in a bracelet 210 CZK
Foldable mobile phone holder 100 CZK
Desk headset holder 170 CZK
Mini USB Car LED Light CZK 35

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