Pontedera, the GimFive gym on Friday 15th January will be open

Runs hard there protest between traders and small entrepreneurs a few hours after the officialization of the Dpcm which from next January 16 will regulate our daily life. The Coronavirus emergency shows no signs of decreasing in intensity, and with it too restrictions and the limitations in working life and during free time. Two tracks that intertwine when it comes to gyms, one of the places that immediately ended up in the eye of the storm of closures and of the stringent rules for carrying out physical activity in safety.

Since last October these commercial activities have been closed, with the result that the managers and collaborators who serve them have to face a profound economic crisis, while patrons and enthusiasts are forced to carry out their sporting activities in the open air or indoors. Some entrepreneurs in the sector have launched a loud cry of protest in recent days, opening a front of peaceful disobedience contrary to government provisions. This is the case of the circuit of GimFive gyms, which last Monday 11 January reopened the Modena facility.

“It was a demonstrative gesture, preparatory to the initiative that will involve all our gyms Friday 15th January“he explains Federico Milieni, one of the leaders of the circuit. GimFive is present in three regions, including Tuscany, has 12 offices (one in Pontedera) and has 90 employees. “Each collaborator has a family – continues Milieni – how can you pretend nothing has happened in the face of an economic and social crisis such as that caused by the government’s wicked choices?”

Friday January 15th, starting from 6 in the morning, all 12 GimFive locations will reopen their doors and will make their equipment available to registered customers. “One way to protest peacefully against the continuous and unjustified harassment of politics and the CTS “affirms Federico Milieni.” We feel the duty to reopen the doors of our structures for two reasons – he continues – the first is for the proven inconsistency of the danger of contagion inside the gyms. The statistics show this: if operators and consumers respect the regulation to the letter, the gym is a safe place as much as the supermarket “.

The second reason that prompted GimFive leaders to propose the day of protest is “the extreme need to work to survive. The refreshment points and the redundancy fund are simple red herrings. The reality is that we have received only crumbs from the state, useless to guarantee a decent salary to our employees and to meet the expenses “. Federico Milieni also explains that” the initiative has already encountered a huge support by customers and by many people who are not registered, but who have understood our motivations. This gives us even more conviction in facing Friday with enthusiasm “.

And to all those who remain skeptical of the legality of the gesture, Milieni replies: “In addition to health safety, there is also the certainty of not running into no problem with the law. What happened on Monday 11 January with the reopening of our gym in Modena is proof of this: the police intervened to report to the owner of the structure a administrative sanction, but no fines were raised to customers in the gym, as well as no one was reported“.


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