Police urgently call press conference on Oslo shooting – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

During a press conference on Friday morning, police say a man is wanted in connection with the shooting.

The Oslo police district confirms that the man wanted internationally today is Arfan Qadeer Bhatti.

Police can confirm that it is Arfan Bhatti who was accused of complicity in this act of terrorism, police lawyer Børge Enoksen told NRK.

Enoksen says it is too early to comment on the basis of the indictment.

– He is accused of complicity in this shooting in Oslo on June 25 and is accused of violating the provision on terrorism, he says.

Collaborate with the Pakistani police

The prosecutor informs NRK that the Norwegian police have asked the Pakistani police for assistance in locating and arresting him.

Why don’t you go get it?

– It will be important to travel there. We may have been there before, but what I can say is that we have good cooperation with the Pakistani police.

Police lawyer Børge Enoksen.

Photo: Camilla Svennæs ​​Bergland / NRK

Enoksen says it is Bhatti and Matapour who have been charged in the case so far, but that they are also concerned that there are more people behind the action.

– We cannot rule out that there will be more charges in the case, but at the moment it is these two who have been charged, he says.

Asked if Bhatti was interrogated in Pakistan, Enoksen denies it

The Oslo district court has appointed lawyer Svein Holden as a defense counsel.

NRK has been in contact with Holden, who does not wish to comment on the matter.

According to what NRK has experienced Norwegian police have long tried to persuade Pakistani authorities to arrest Arfan Bhatti, without success.

Defender Jon Christian Elden

Defender Jon Christian Elden.

Photo: Olav Døvik / NRK

According to John Christian Elden, Bhatti’s longtime defender, he was also interrogated by Pakistani police. The one following a request from Norway.

He claims that Bhatti has been at a known address in Pakistan since before the summer.

Martin Bernsen, senior consultant in PST, confirms to NRK that they are assisting the Oslo police district in the case.

Already convicted of shooting

Arfan Bhatti is a Norwegian Islamist convicted of participating in the shooting in the Oslo synagogue in 2006.

On the same day as the mass shooting in Oslo, NRK reported it Arfan Bhatti had posted quotes about gay killing on Facebook.

Arfan Bhattis Facebook profile

Screenshot from Arfan Bhatti’s Facebook page.

Photo: screenshot / NRK

On June 14, the Islamist posted a photo of a burning rainbow flag and a quote calling for the murder of homosexuals.

NRK previously wrote that Matapour had contact with Bhatti. This summer it became known that the Oslo police and the PST were considering whether to do so call Bhatti internationally.

He was also convicted of threats and shooting a person during a torpedo mission. Bhatti praised Osama bin Laden and supports Sharia law.

    Arfan Bhatti

Arfan Bhatti appeals during a demonstration outside Storting against Norway’s participation in the war in Afghanistan in 2012.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Elden has also been appointed defense attorney for terrorism accused Zaniar Matapour.

It is not possible for him to represent both clients if they are accused in the same case.

– No, it can be hard to do, Elden tells NRK.

NRK tried to contact Bhatti without success.

He didn’t give an explanation

On Monday this week, the Oslo District Court ruled that Zaniar Matapour’s detention will be extended for four more weeks.

He was therefore present in court, but did not testify.

This was confirmed Monday by police prosecutor Ingvild Myrvold at NRK.

Matapour has therefore not yet allowed himself to be interrogated by the police.

The 43-year-old is accused of having committed murder and attempted murder with terrorist intent afterwards the shooting in Rosenkrantz street.

Matapour is currently forcibly admitted to the Regional Security Post of Haukeland University Hospital for judicial observation.

Two people were killed and 21 people were physically injured after the mass shooting.

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