Police arrested a Russian diplomat for illegally purchasing ammunition

In June, the police arrested a Russian diplomat in Říčany, who, according to criminal investigators in the Czech Republic, was illegally buying ammunition for sniper rifles and other ammunition. The server stated it today iROZHLAS.cz with reference to four sources from the highest levels of the Czech secret services, other security forces and diplomacy. They told Radiožurnál that the arrested was an employee of the Russian embassy in Prague from the military section. Due to diplomatic immunity, the man was released, and immediately after his release he traveled to Russia, the server writes.

It is not clear exactly what the Finnish Lapua ammunition for sniper rifles, which the Russian diplomat bought in the Říčany car park, was intended for. According to Radiožurnál, investigators are working with a version that he was in fact a covert collaborator of the Russian secret service GRU. However, as in other similar cases, the evidence for this is lacking. “It was a lot anyway, and of course he didn’t buy it on partridges. Apparently it was intended for European gangs or for special Russian units that operate secretly in Europe, “a very well-informed source told Radiožurnál.

The Russian Embassy in Prague did not respond to Radiožurnál’s questions sent by e-mail to the embassy’s official address. According to server sources from diplomatic circles, the Russian side in this case did not protest in any way against the action of the Czech authorities and withdrew the detained man in complete silence. Among other things, this prevented official deportation, the website writes.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the CSSD, Tomáš Petříček, did not comment in detail on the affair, but at the same time did not deny it. “I cannot comment on this matter, it is a matter for the police and I am convinced that we should let the police work,” Petříček stated.

Jaroslav Ibehej, a spokesman for the National Center against Organized Crime (NCOZ), did not want to provide the information either. Police have previously told the media to intervene that it was in connection with tax crime. According to photos from the site, however, it is clear that criminal investigators confiscated a lot of ammunition. According to Radiožurnál, detectives are still investigating the case. The ammunition was confiscated by the police.

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