Pisano: ‘Now conditions for broadband delay recovery’ – Economy


“The Committee for the ultra-broadband (Cobul) does not affect the choices of Open Fiber but contributes to monitoring the results and ensuring connectivity as soon as possible to citizens and businesses and thanks to the Simplifications Decree, which facilitates excavations, the conditions to recover at least in part the delays accumulated in the past, completing 90% of the project by the end of 2022 with a queue of 800 municipalities in 2023 “. Thus the Minister of Innovation, Paola Pisano, speaking in the Transport Committee in the Chamber.

“The first vouchers” for the purchase of internet subscriptions and to have a PC or tablet on loan for use will be available at “end of September”, the minister explained, recalling that 200 euros are available to access online for families with ISEE under 50 thousand euros, to which another 300 euros are added for computers if the ISEE is less than 20 thousand euros. The program also includes bonuses for businesses.

“Today we do not have digital sovereignty, so we do not develop many technologies within our country”. Hence the need for a “national strategic pole”, also investing in the cloud.



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