Photo: Well-known people celebrate the premiere of the series ‘Missing’

The creation of the domestic TV series “Missing Missing” was celebrated with the premiere of the first two series at the “Splendid palace” cinema.

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Juris Žagars, Kristīne Nevarauska, Rēzija Kalniņa, Niklavs Kurpnieks, Ģirts Jakovļevs, Mārtiņš Wilsons, Mārtiņš Kalita, Nikolajs Šestaks, Natalija Živeca, Inese Pudža, Lelde Dreimane“Henrijs Arājs, Jana Herbsta, Elizabete Marija Brante and many other Latvian actors will meet in the new”Tet studio “in the psychological thriller” Missing Messages “, based on a book by Lelde Kovalev.

The premiere was attended by the actors of the series and the reception team, as well as other famous and prominent personalities, the actress Agnese Zeltina with his son Robbie, popular juteber Evelina Parker, Dagmara Legante, businessman Kalvis Lasmanis with his wife actress Inga Alsiņš, Nauris Brikmanis, director and producer Uldis Cipsts, businessman Igors Smoliņš, event organizer Gundega Skudriņa, Mālpils manor owner Aldis Plaudis, businessman Igors Štrums and many others.

After watching the first series, Juris Žagars thanked the creators of the series: “All due respect, very cool,” before watching the first series, adding: “During the filming, Lelde and Vlad showed what it means to be obsessed with the project . “

He is complemented by the actor of the series Niklavs Kurpnieks: “Everything that makes me want to watch a movie or a series is found in the Missing People. It is a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to be a part of this project, which will show the Latvian viewer that quality can and should be demanded in this genre as well, not to say – this is another domestic series. ! “

“I am pleased with the excellent line-up and the result, but the decision on whether the series will be successful will have to be made by the audience. We work with the director and hope that the series” Missing “will win the audience’s love,” said the producer and books author Lelde Kovaļova.

The filming of the series took place in glorious places in Latvia – Cēsis and Sigulda, choosing Mālpils and its picturesque Mālpils manor as the filming center, where almost the entire series will take place.

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