PGE to close all coal-fired power plants? “100 percent green energy by 2050”

The vision of the energy transformation becomes more and more real. The head of the European Commission announced an increase in the target of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from 40 percent to at least 55 percent in 2030. The need to switch to renewable energy sources is also noticed by Polish companies that pay huge amounts of money due to the emission of carbon dioxide.

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Revolution in green energy in Europe. Is this the end of the coal age?

PGE with a valid declaration: 100 percent green energy in 2050

On Wednesday, September 16, Wojciech Dbrowski, President of PGE, held a press conference. The head of the state-owned company announced that the strategy for 2030 with the prospects for 2050 will be presented in late autumn. Its aim will be to present a plan for the transformation of the group “in the green direction”. Dbrowski announced that PGE wants to be a zero-emission leader, declaring that the company’s ambition is that in 2050 it will offer 100 percent green energy.

PGE is reporting losses due to the cost of CO2 emissions. Which power plants belong to PGE?

Business Insider informs that the reason for this declaration is the fact that PGE is paying more and more money for carbon dioxide emissions. In the first period of 2020, the power plants emitted 29.3 million tons of carbon dioxide. This is due to the cost of PLN 3.11 billion (PLN 2.69 billion from conventional energy production, PLN 424 million – from thermal energy). Last year, the expenditure amounted to PLN 1.82 billion. The tightening EU regulations on CO2 emissions mean that the coal-based company is no longer profitable. In the first two quarters of 2020, it lost nearly PLN 700 million.

Therefore, the decision to close the coal-fired power plants is inevitable. At the moment, the state giant employs 42 thousand. employees – 25 thousand works in conventional energy. They will have to be retrained. Power plants belonging to Polska Grupa Energetyczna to:

  • Bechatw Power Plant – 12 blocks
  • Opole Power Plant – six blocks
  • Rybnik Power Plant – eight blocks
  • Turw Power Plant – seven units
  • Dolna Odra Power Plant – power units
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