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The liter price for Euro95 (E10) would fall by 4 cents at the two companies. Three other providers, however, keep their prices constant. On average, the decrease is therefore 1.6 cents. Based on the provisional figures, motorists can count on a price drop for diesel with the two suppliers of 5 and 6 cents. The other three also keep the diesel price constant.

Recommended retail price

Prices also fell slightly on Friday. The average suggested retail price for Euro95 is now €2.462 per liter, while last Thursday more than €2.50 per liter had to be paid. For diesel it is currently €2,343 per litre.

Pump owners can deviate from the suggested retail prices of Shell, BP, Total, Texaco and Esso, which UnitedConsumers have been tracking since the beginning of this century. In practice, motorists only pay the suggested retail prices along the highway.

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