Perry told how she dealt with depression after breaking with Bloom

Katy Perry is happy now and is expecting a baby from Orlando Bloom. The couple was planning to get married in Japan in the summer, but the lockdown forced to change plans and, most likely, the wedding will take place after the baby is born.

However, not everything in the life of the star couple was always smooth. In 2017, the singer and actor broke up and this almost brought the singer to the extreme: she seriously thought about taking her own life.

The fact that the new Perry Witness album, as she herself believed, “failed at the box office” added fuel to the fire, as its sales fell 10 times compared to its previous record, Prism.

“My career went up and up all the time, but when there was a slight drop in the trajectory, it was like an earthquake for me. I was crushed, ”she admitted.

Her faith in God helped her cope with depression. Katie, in spite of her depressed state, repeated as a mantra “I am grateful, I am grateful.”

“Hope has always helped me in difficult situations, since relationships with God are a very important part for me in life,” the star quotes The Sun.


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