Penetrating the “Shokubutsu” strategy is one of the 7,300 million bath creams on the market.

Overall, the shower cream market is valued at around 7,300 million baht, with a growth rate of 5.2%. There are also sub-categories such as clean, scented, fresh or beauty group shower cream, 50% healthy 20%, 10% baby shower cream and 20%, such as hand cleaning products. and shower cream for men

Do you know which brand is the “# 1” throne with the highest market share? The answer is “Shokubutsu Monogatari” (Shokubutsu Monogatari) of the company The lions in the Sahapat group The Thai consumer goods giant

Prasert Surattanamethakul Head of Beauty and Child Care Products, Lion (Thailand) Co., Ltd. manufactures and distributes consumer products such as Systema Oral and Dental Care, Pao Detergent, Essence, Kirei, Kirei and Shoku Bussu Monogatari claimed that Shokubutsu was “head” Shower cream market for 3 years surpassing “Luck” (Camp Unilever), which in the past two brands are competing. They have a different market share in the throat-breathing kind.

until the very end Shokubutsu holds a total market share of 30%, while competitors share 23-24%.

Not only the big picture dominates the market, but the sub-categories as well.shower cream for menjust entered “head” 2022 with a market share of 43% worth only 300 million baht surpassing “Protecs” (Colgate-Palmolive field).

What is the turning pointShukubutsu is number 1 for shower cream, beauty category given the availability of new products Emphasis on innovation to fill the wallet to meet the needs of target consumers One of these is the Hokkaido Milk and Whipped Foam formula, which is pumped into foam for immediate use. Do not rub with your hands to create bubbles.

The formula for men or for men. The company has expanded its distribution channels. Including the use of collaborative strategies (Collaboration: X) with famous anime characters such as “Bleach the god of death” The limited edition attracts a young audience. important to be able to expand the base a “New Generation – Teenagers” take even more

Being a champion is difficult. But keeping the championship is even more difficult. Strategy for noble and long-term leadership “Avoid the price war”, which is not only to escape the red market (Red Ocean), but to increase business “profit” that’s okay too

From now on, the company focuses on wading in the market. “Award” more by collecting innovative products to satisfy consumers The latest is the release. “Series of skin solutions with Shokubutsu shower gel” which comes with innovative prebiotics and extracts “The first brand of hemp” In Thailand it is also the first product to contain Leo hemp extract.

Normally, general market (bulk) shower cream measures 450-500 milliliters (ml), selling price around 125 baht, but when it’s an innovative product, it goes premium. Add a little more volume, 520ml The selling price is 199 baht.

Escape the price war in the mass market But the premium market is just as fierce. Because the market has to clash with cosmeceutical shower creams. including imported brands If counting exceptionally, there are 5-10 brands, many alike, but the highlight of the Shokubutsu Skin Solution Series is the lower price. Because cosmeceutical brands sell for 500-600 baht or more

“We chat with our channel partners. I don’t just want to compete on price, or Red Ocean wants to compete more on innovation. pushing the shower cream to grow as a whole.

As the product is the heart of the store, Shokubutsu Skin Solution Series also eliminates the pain point most consumers face, 3 main problems, whether it’s acne on the back. Dark spots, dry skin, lack of hydration And the skin is not firm, sagging, while “prebiotic” is something consumers know quite well. Because the food industry has long been used as an ingredient and point of attraction for the target audience.

Using both prebiotics The hemp extract included in the product also responds to the trend of consumers looking for products with more natural ingredients.

Marketing The company uses a budget of 100 million baht to create advertising (TVC) to communicate with the target group comprehensively. What is essential is to use a presenter. which still is “Yaya-Urasaya Sperbund” Standing, creating brand and product awareness for Shokubutsu for 7 years, but if we go back to the early days, “Nadech Kukimiya” is a presenter.

“Using Yaya as a presenter It has a very positive impact on the brand. When consumers think of shower cream, the brand will appear to the consumer. In addition, the use of actors with characters close to the brand, so consumers do not do huh! or ask questions. Shokubutsu has been resisting for a long time. “

To do this marketing, the goal is 3 years, the company wants to expand the portfolio of premium shower creams with a percentage of 20% from over 10% currently.

in addition to shower cream The company also has Shokubutsu facial cleansing gel products, Skin Solution series, 2 formulas, ie moisture protection, the formula helps to maintain moisture. For clean, clear skin and the Acne Clear formula helps reduce bacterial buildup. cause of acne

Under the plan, the company expects to drive sales growth of 18-19% this year, or a value of 2,500 million baht, while 8-month sales growth of 24%, with the shower cream being the Shokubutsu’s largest wallet. % in terms of Lion’s overview in 2021, with a turnover of 18 billion baht.

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