Patrick Bruel makes his request at the Maison de la Truffe; Charlotte Gainsbourg leaves New York and finds Yvan; Kanye West & Kim Kardashian don’t divorce for money, Stéphane Plaza goes out in tutu

Patrick Bruel remarries

According to Public, Patrick Bruel (61 years old) asked for the hand of his partner Clémence (27 years old) during a stay in his villa in Vaucluse. He would have made his marriage proposal “in a small restaurant perched on the heights of the Lubéron”, the Maison de la truffe. It seems that there was a photographer on site since Public publishes several photos: hello intimacy! Bruel would have accompanied this request with the announcement of a beautiful trip. “A stay at 30,000 euros” according to Public. Surprising to communicate the price of a gift that you are going to give, if the information is true.

Charlotte Gainsbourg: goodbye New York

Charlotte posted pictures of her youngest daughter Joe on her Instagram account, saying goodbye to New York. Does this mean that the singer and actress is preparing to return to France, more than six years after having left her, wonders Gala. The opportunity to find Yan Attal his companion who remained based in France.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian separated but united

There is tension between Kanye West & Kim Kardashian. To the point that they “will certainly each live in a different house”, confides a source to the daily The Sun quoted by Public. But the billionaire spouses seem to agree on one point: divorce is not on the agenda: “Together, they became the richest and the most famous, in particular thanks to their“ perfect ”family, which is part of the it is an integral part of straight-line marketing. Better to be discreetly separated, rather than risk sacking such a lucrative empire. ” Business is business. “She wants to save her marriage at all costs” title Closer.

Stéphane Plaza in pink tutu

Amazing photo of Stéphane Plaza in Closer. An image posted by her loyal friend, Karine Le Marchand, on her Instagram account, on the occasion of our hero’s birthday. It is not known when the photo was taken, but Stéphane appears in a pink tutu. After the apartments, does Plaza want to start selling cabarets or concert halls?

Karl Lagerfeld’s estate: complicated

More than one after the death of Karl Lagerfeld on February 19, 2019 his succession is still not settled. The rivalry between Baptiste Giabiconi and Sébastien Jondeau, Karl’s assistant continues unabated. Everyone claims to be the most endowed, while nothing is being done for the moment. They would appear on the couturier’s will but would not be alone, there would be seven people in total. There would be nearly 200 million to distribute, which is not easy. Especially since Karl’s accountant, who is no longer very young (87 years old) has closed his office, and no longer gives any news according to Le Parisien, cited by Closer.

Kate and Meghan: nothing is going well

Kate Middleton would hardly bear to be constantly compared … to Meghan Markle according to Closer. Tanis that Meghan, she sees that when a media attacks Kate, the whole royal family comes to defend her note Here. Even though they are both separated by the Atlantic Ocean, there is a rivalry between the two. And Meghan’s life in California doesn’t seem to appease her. As Kate struggles with the aftermath of a highly critical article published by Tatler magazine, she hasn’t received any support from Meghan.

The clairvoyance gifts of Michel Delpech’s widow

Geneviève Delpech, the widow of singer Michel Delpech, publishes a book revealing her gifts as a medium. Geneviève told Closer to have “often helped the police to find missing children”. But beware, she does it for free, no question of using these gifts “in a mercantile manner”. And that brings her closer to her late husband: “Michel is omnipresent, I constantly hear his voice”. To those who doubt and would take her for an illuminated, she answers in all simplicity: “I do not testify to convince”.

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard (again)

Johnny Depp (56) accuses his ex, Amber Heard (34) of keeping the $ 7 million he paid her for her. While she had declared that the money did not interest her, and that the sum received would be donated to works.

Depp therefore sued a Los Angeles hospital and the American Civil Liberties Union to obtain documents proving that Amber’s donation was indeed made as she had promised.

Claude Dartois, hero of Koh Lanta

He was participating for the third time in Koh Lanta, he was a finalist, he did not win, but he became the darling of viewers: Claude Dartois (40) saw the number of his followers on Instagram go from 14,000 to start of the season, at over 640,000 these days. He remains however modest: “I receive a lot of messages of sympathy, the reactions are delusional, I am sometimes embarrassed about it” he declares to Gala. He has two children (Andréa 5 years old, and Marceau 6 months). He met their mother in 2010, after his first participation in Koh Lanta.

Ingrid Chauvin’s half-sister

Since her childhood, actress Ingrid Chauvin (46) dreamed of meeting her half-sister. And then one day, this half-sister sent him an email. Enthusiastic, she answered him right away. Ingrid was to meet her at the end of the year, but pneumonia confined Ingrid to bed. So it did not happen. Since then, she no longer has any contact, explains Ingrid to Gala (4 pages), on the occasion of the release of a book of memories “Children’s dreams”. In passing, she reveals that speaking in public is, for her, “a torture” she is afraid of stammering, of not knowing what to say. Closer also evokes this famous half-sister who is a hairdresser in Val-d’Oise.

She reveals having used back pain as an excuse for not participating in the casting of Dance with the stars “unable to imagine being in front of a camera all the time”.

Back home for Adil Rami

Footballer Adil Rami has found the mother of his two children. Finished, forgotten the adventure with Pamela Anderson, it’s time to return for Sidonie Biémont, with little Zayn and Madi. We saw them in Paris, all four (photo in Public).

Camper van for Justin and Hailey Bieber

Justin (26 years old) and Hailey Bieber (23 years old) treat themselves to a stay in a motorhome. Well, not just any motorhome: a huge luxury coach transformed with sauna, fireplace, three flat screens, a barbecue, and a king size bed. We saw them, (and photographed) in a natural park in the state of Utah (Public, and Closer).

A bunker for the Beckhams

Their neighbor, a famous footballer, was robbed in his home by a man with a knife. Suddenly, the Beckhams feel less safe in their second home, unlike their London apartment where everything is planned. A specialized company therefore recommended the construction of a bunker, a tunnel to be able to escape, a high security barrier, and a hut for a guard, plus bodyguards. A real Fort Knox quine can only exist if they obtain a Public building permit when such work is frowned upon in this peaceful and traditionalist region of the Weest Oxfordshire District.

Apologies from Glee star Lea Michele

Lea Michele (33) posted a message of support for the Black Live Matters movement whose protests have rocked America since the death of George Floyd. She should have avoided, according to Public. Because other actors including Heather Morris, immediately reacted by accusing him of racism. Heather posted a message saying, “She treated others with no respect” And an actress who was Lea’s understudy added, ““ I cried every night because of her meanness and her manipulative techniques. ”Closer sums it up. : “Everyone hates her.” Faced with other testimony Lea admitted her wrongs: “I clearly acted in a way that hurt people. (…) I apologize for my behavior. I will be a mom in a few months and I know I have to use this time to work on being a better person. “



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