passing through New York, Dominique Farrugia has a rant against a famous hotel

Dominique Farrugia is a fighter: he does not hesitate to play the spokesperson for people with disabilities and to alarm the public authorities about the lack of resources granted to facilitate their daily lives. As a reminder, the director of Delphine 1 – Ivan 0 has suffered from multiple sclerosis since the age of 28 and now uses a wheelchair. The one who felt shame because of his pathology is moreover the godfather of Sep’Avenir, an association of patients who talk to other patients. He also mentioned his illness in She never left mean autobiography published in 2021 where he talks about the unfailing support of his wife and looks back on his great adventure within the Canal + team.

Dominique Farrugia, with family in the United States

For a few days, Dominique Farrugia treats herself to a trip like no other with her family. The ex-member of Dummies, very moved when he talks about the late Bruno Carette, has put down his suitcases in the heart of New York and seems to be having a good time with his daughters, fond of shopping. The comedian really needed this pose when he just produced Lman of our lives, with Odile Vuillemin, Jonathan Zaccaï, and Elodie Frégé, series available on Salto and which will soon be broadcast on M6. The great friend of Alain Chabat, to whom he likes to make jokes, has never had his tongue in his pocket. In this month of August, the one who sometimes “feeling like a ball” So offers himself a getaway to the United States. And apparently, not everything goes as he would have liked.

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Dominique Farrugia gives a bad rating to a famous hotel in New York

Dominique Farrugia stayed at the Sofitel, a luxury hotel located in the heart of Manhattan. And apparently, there would be efforts to be made on the service side. The actor and screenwriter tweeted to complain: “If you are going to New York and can afford a hotel, avoid the Sofitel. No service and often obnoxious people“. And, with a touch of irony, he specifies:Only one thing saves them, food. They don’t use it“. The story does not say whether access for people with reduced mobility is also to be reviewed.

A hotel well known for the Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair, which made the headlines in 2011. For the record, Nafissatou Diallo, the hotel’s maid, accused the former managing director of the International Monetary Fund ( IMF) of sexual assault, attempted rape and forcible confinement. The case was concluded in the criminal case by an acquittal of Dominique Strauss-Kahn and, in civil matters, by a confidential financial agreement with the complainant.

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