Parents were denied the name of their child Vladimir Putin

Swedish authorities have rejected the couple’s request to baptize their son Vladimir Putin, foreign media reported:

Parents must report the names of the newborns to the Swedish tax agency. A married couple from the southern city of Laholm really wanted to baptize Vladimir Putin’s child, but the agency did not allow it.

According to Swedish law, names must not be offensive, threaten the owner or clearly resemble surnames. As the newspaper notes, it is not clear which of these principles underlies the tax authority’s decision.

At the same time, this is not the first case in which the agency has rejected such requests. Other names that were not allowed to be given to children in Sweden included Ford, Allah, Pilsner and K.

According to Swedish statistics, there are 1,413 men named Vladimir living in the country. In addition, at least two people can be named after Putin, but it is not known for sure, as the statistical database does not show the presence of less than two with such a name for reasons of confidentiality.

Source bgnes



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