Pablo Motos: This has been the Abascal interview in ‘El Hormiguero’: anti-inflammatories, oil and many Trending Topic | Television on Cadena SER

The Vox leader, Santiago Abascal, visit this Thursday the Antena 3 ‘programEl Hormiguero ‘ in one of the most anticipated interviews of the veteran format presented by Pablo Motos. Abascal begins the cycle of interviews with the main political leaders of the country on the occasion of the general elections on November 10.

The presence of the leader of the far-right formation in the area of ​​Trancas and Barrancas has sparked a lot of controversy in the previous hours to its broadcast, with thousands of people on social networks criticizing its presenter and the program itself for inviting the politician.

Motos has started the program in an unusual way. Looking at the camera, he recognized that the program “was going to be a little different” than usual. “Within the people who see us there are followers of all ideologies. We don’t marry anyone and we want to listen to everyone”, affirmed a Pablo Motos who recognized that all the political leaders had accepted the invitation of the program, “except Pedro Sánchez”.

The interview

The first minutes of Abascal’s appearance on the program have been based on a conversation between Motos and the politician, who He took advantage of his first words to give Pablo Motos some anti-inflammatory drugs to calm all the criticism it has received and a bottle of oil in defense of Spanish producers against Donald Trump’s tariffs.

In the interview they have dealt with all kinds of current issues such as exhumation of Franco, unaccompanied foreign minors, the controversy of the 13 Roses by Javier Ortega Smith, the Historical Memory law or abortion, about which he said that he is “against it being a eugenic and contraceptive practice.”

Abortion, euthanasia, sexist violence and LGTBI rights have been some of the topics that Motos and Abascal have discussed. “I believe that you should not end the life you carry inside, what you carry inside is not your body”, said the Vox leader when asked about the abortion. Regarding the rights of the LGTBI collective, Abascal has acknowledged being in favor, in fact he has acknowledged that the only time he has stuck in his life has been “for a terrible declaration with homosexuals”, however he has also stated that “It is preferable for a child to have a father and a mother.”

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Pablo Motos recognized the Vox leader that since he had announced his presence in the program he had received much criticism and insults. “I have been insulted more this week than in 14 years,” said Motos.

The questions of Trancas and Barrancas

This Thursday’s program did not have the usual sections brought in by the program’s collaborators. The only section besides the Motorcycle interview It has been the press conference of the stars of the program: Trancas and Barrancas.

The ants have subjected the Vox leader to different questions, among which have been found whether he has smoked “a laughing cigar”, if you have ever fought, if you like Marta Sánchez’s version of the Spanish anthem or to which politician from other parties would he sign for Vox, to which he has responded recognizing that he would join Juan Carlos Girauta to his ranks.

National Trending Topic and Boycott Request

In fact, throughout the afternoon of this Thursday the first three Trending Topic from the social network Twitter were ‘Pablo Motos’,’ Abascal ‘and the hashtag’#BoycotElHormiguero ‘, with which thousands of tweeters have positioned themselves against the visit of the politician, trying to encourage viewers not to tune in to Antena 3 tonight.

During the broadcast of the program, all these Trending Topic have been in the first positions, to which the official hashtag of the program has also been added, which has been placed in the national first place During the Interview.

Not the first to go

However, Santiago Abascal he is not the first politician candidate for the general elections to be interviewed by Motos y las ants. Other political leaders such as Pablo Iglesias, Albert Rivera and Pablo Casado have paraded on the set of Antena 3, leaving memorable moments such as the interpretation on the bass of a Bruno Mars song by the leader of the ‘popular’.

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