Oweidat has evidence incriminating Al-Bitar and Lebanon received estimates of the presence of 4.4 billion cubic feet of gas in Block 9

Al-Akhbar newspaper, quoting judicial references, referred to “indications of the withdrawal of the “international cover” that has accompanied Judge Tariq al-Bitar since he received the file. Some outsiders no longer see anything in his work that helps this file reach its conclusions. The same applies to forces.” She is prominent in the March 14 team and the group of representatives of embassies and associations, despite the uproar they raised in the past two days, as they consider that the judicial investigator committed a mistake that allowed the opposite party to pounce and disable the possibility of using the file against Hezbollah and its allies.

She explained, “While it is still not possible to agree to overthrow the judicial investigator and appoint a replacement for him by securing a quorum for a session of the Supreme Judicial Council, the debate continued about the legality of the judicial steps taken recently, in light of Al-Bitar’s insistence on continuing his work as a forensic investigator in the port file, with direct coverage from President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Suhail Abboud.

Informed sources confirmed to Al-Akhbar that the Public Prosecutor of Cassation, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, has evidence that condemns Al-Bitar, whether in relation to his recent “diligence”, according to which he restored to himself the right to take over the file, or in relation to the steps he took in previous stages. .

According to the sources, “one of the complaints about Al-Bitar is that he stopped working for about thirteen months, and his procrastination in reviewing the file of the detainees since that date, which makes him bear a double responsibility: if he is convinced that he is not blind-handed, he would have been late in removing the” rabbit “. » Legal jurisprudence, and therefore, according to the same jurisprudence, he committed a crime by keeping detainees inside the prison and subjecting them to physical and moral harm.In the event that he was acting on the basis that he was blind, then he decided on his own to return to work without waiting for the reference who decides his fate, then he would have He committed the crime of usurping power, which necessitates not only his dismissal, but also his investigation and punishment. The sources confirm that if a judge is appointed to investigate Al-Bitar, as Judge Oweidat demanded, more evidence will appear to the public condemning the judicial investigator and make him an arbiter outside the file.

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Financially, it seemed clear to everyone, financial experts, politicians, and citizens, the responsibility of the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, for the insane rise in the exchange rate of the dollar in the past few days, in order to warn everyone in Lebanon of the repercussions of lifting the lid on it, after the acceleration of European investigations about his involvement in embezzlement and laundering operations. Money, and the possibility of the Lebanese judiciary claiming it. And after the dollar crossed the threshold of 63,000 yesterday, and everyone sensed the danger of the ruler’s game by pressuring citizens for blackmail, the latter took the initiative to meet Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s request to intervene.

In another context, “the first results of demarcating the borders between Lebanon and Israel begin to appear tomorrow. Lebanon will host the signing ceremony for Qatar’s accession, through the Qatar Energy company, to the oil exploration alliance that includes the French Total and the Italian Eni in the two blocks.” 4 and 9, in light of indications of significant progress in the implementation steps, leading to tangible results before the end of the year.

Al-Akhbar learned that Lebanon has received important data about drilling and exploration work and the “Total” work program for the current year, in addition to preliminary estimates indicating that Block No. 9, where the Qana field and other fields are located, contains about 4.4 billion cubic feet of gas, distributed It contains three wells, which is more than the reserves of the Karish field inside Palestinian waters.

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It is expected that these numbers will be finalized soon, which will allow them to be used to raise the level of Lebanon’s credit rating, and attract investors to work in the energy sector, in addition to starting an operational discussion regarding the use of gas to feed electricity, heating and domestic gas projects, which will reduce the gap in energy. Trade balance and boost state revenues.

The Ministry of Energy has worked to ensure that the participants in the signing are of the highest levels. Fayyad sent special invitations to his Qatari counterpart and company officials. The ministry also arranged all procedures related to the event.

According to the newspaper, while there is fear that this file will enter the tunnel of political tensions and disagreements related to the convening of the Council of Ministers sessions, the Minister of Energy affirmed that “the Ministry has previously completed all the exceptional decisions necessary to conduct the file in anticipation of the presidential vacuum, whether with regard to Qatar’s accession to the coalition or exploration.” Or obtaining approvals, licenses, etc.” It is also assumed that starting a business does not require additional government decisions, but rather executive decisions issued by the Ministry of Energy.

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