Orange WARNINGS for MILLIONS of Customers all over Romania

Orange, a telecommunications operator from Romania that has millions of customers who benefit from its services at the moment, officially warns all of them about the fact that they must be extremely vigilant when it comes to Internet security, this being a very serious problem.

Orange has published below two warnings about how Romanians should beware of the dangers that exist at the moment when it comes to using the Internet, and this is because our personal data can be extremely easily stolen by people bad intentions.

More than that, Orange Romania recommends us to be extremely careful and to whom we send pictures when we have conversations on social networks or through messaging platforms, and this is because we cannot always know with 100% certainty where they end up, so it is important to be careful what we send.

Orange Romania has a lot of important information on its website about how we can protect ourselves when we are active on the Internet, and this is because security is extremely important for many companies around the world, but many ordinary people do not they know how to protect themselves.

Today, on International Internet Safety Day, we recommend that you activate the “Location” function of your phone only when you need it. Find out more at & stay tuned for more. Today, on International Internet Safety Day, we recommend that you only send your photos to people you trust. Find out more on the website & stay tuned for more.

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