OR knocked at IPO price, 16-18 baht per share

January 14, 2021 News report from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed that PTT Oil and Retail Public Company Limited (OR) has requested a request for approval. Selling ordinary shares to the general public for the first time (Fire) that the initial public offering price range (IPO) at 16 – 18 baht per share and expects to announce the final price within the date. February 3, 2021 will be offered to the shareholders of PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) in specific groups entitled to the allocation of shares from 25 – 28 January 2021. January 24 – February 2, 2021 and institutional investors and entities eligible to participate in the purchase demand survey 3 – 5 February 2021.

Asia Plus Securities (Securities Exchange) Co., Ltd. specifies that the acquisition of large IPOs. Usually pressures the market And stocks in the same group dropped one month before entering the market. Because both domestic and foreign funds will have to prepare a portfolio adjustment. To subscribe for IPO shares This can be reflected by Asset World Corp Public Company Limited (AWC) shares, a month before the market, the property equity index fell 6.75%, and it fell 3.5% harder than the Thai stock index, the same as Central. Retail Corporation Public Company Limited (CRC), one month before the market, the retail index was 10.6% lower than the 5.3% decline in the Thai stock index.

While large IPOs such as OR are set to enter in February 2021, they are estimated to account for approximately 5% of the total energy stocks in the market. Which is less than the proportion of AWC compared to the group and CRC compared to the group The proportion is higher than 15.9% and 15.4%, respectively. Therefore, the proportion of OR share size is not much compared to the group. Encourage the adjustment of the fund portfolio, both Thai and foreign. To prepare funds for the subscription, OR is considered to be more flexible than the large shares mentioned above. Causing not much pressure on energy stocks index as well

In addition, OR shares have a chance to enter SET50 and SET100 as a fast track based on market criteria, which is larger than the 20th share of the stock market. Initially, the valuation of OR on the day of entering the market has a high probability. 200,000-270,000 million baht, which is considered to be higher than the latest business value of the 20th largest stock such as KTC at 201,000 million baht, resulting in some companies leaving the SET50. Expect the likely shares to drop are COM7, TTW, and more. Opportunities to exit SET100 are TKN, BEC, MAJOR, WHAUP.


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