OPPO will not release a smartphone with a roll-up screen in the short term – Tablets and phones – News

OPPO has no plan to release a smartphone with a retractable screen in the short term. The manufacturer said this in response to a prototype smartphone with a retractable screen last week.

OPPO says releasing a smartphone with retractable screen could take time, the company said in a statement against Android Authority. “While there is no plan for a short-term release, the phone serves as a guide to transformation and evolution of future forms for products. Release requires market research and economic justification, which can take time.”

The Chinese manufacturer showed the concept last week. The phone has a 6.7 “OLED screen that can be rolled out to 7.4”. According to the manufacturer, the concept device is equipped with a motorized mechanism with which the screen can be rolled out. The manufacturer calls this the Roll Motor Powertrain.

Furthermore, the device is provided with a construction with two support panels, which keep the screen straight when extending. The protective layer on the OLED screen is only 0.1 mm thick, according to OPPO. That layer must be as thin as possible to be able to roll up the screen.

With a roll-up screen, the software can adapt the aspect ratio to the application: scrolling through a feed allows you to scroll on a long 20: 9 screen, watch video on a 16: 9 screen and read books or long texts at 4: 3. Also Samsung, LG and TCL seem to be working to smartphones with roll-up screens.

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