Oops, mistake: high-tech chastity belt for men can be hacked

That writes the BBC. It is a sex toy from the Chinese manufacturer Qiui. With the ‘Cellmate’ men can literally place access to their private parts in the hands of someone else.

Painful mistake

Sounds exciting? Well, not after a discovery by British security company Pen Test Partners (PTP). That company is looking into the reliability of devices and discovered a painful flaw in the chastity belt software.

The Cellmate can be controlled via the internet, but with a simple hack an outsider could lock all devices of the brand in the world. At the touch of a button, all men who use the device would no longer be able to access their private parts.

40,000 devices worldwide

Data from the company shows that the device has been sold all over the world. PTP estimates, based on the number of IP addresses, that about 40,000 devices are in circulation. The chastity belts communicate via bluetooth with smartphones, which in turn are in contact with servers of the manufacturer.

Believe it or not, there is no way out for men if a hacker manages to gain access to the devices. A grinder or bolt cutters must then be used. PTP notified the manufacturer of the error several months ago, but it has not been resolved yet. Hence, the firm turns to the media.

Unexpected danger

“It happens more often that sex toys are rushed to the market by manufacturers,” one of the researchers told the BBC. “This often jeopardizes the online privacy of users”. This time, however, the danger lurks in a completely different angle: “Men can be physically locked up.”

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