Only three districts without a new infection within a week

16, 58, 25, 24, 21 and now 16 again: This is the series of confirmed new coronavirus infections in Hesse that have been reported since the beginning of the month. However, it remains to be seen whether the overnight decline is due to a delay in reporting on the part of the Hessian health authorities. As the Robert Koch Institute in charge of disease control in Germany announced on Monday morning, there are officially no further deaths in connection with the pandemic between the border with Lower Saxony and the southern Odenwald. There have been 512 corona victims since the pandemic began at the beginning of March.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

10,955 infections have been reported since then. Around 10,100 patients are now considered cured of their infection. That means: a good 300 infections have not yet been overcome. Hesse’s largest city, Frankfurt, has reported the most infections so far. As of Sunday noon, it was 1779. Eleven were added overnight, like from the Bulletin of the country published around 2 p.m. follows. However, only 21 of all 1,790 infected people were recorded in the past seven days. The neighboring and much smaller Offenbach, on the other hand, only has a total of 211, but 17 cases of these were detected within a week. The more populous Main-Kinzig district comes in 21 cases. With 420,000 it has a good three times as many inhabitants as Offenbach.

In view of this, Hessens is sticking to the mask requirement to contain the corona virus. A government spokesman said on Monday at the request of the German Press Agency in Wiesbaden.

The Vogelsberg district registered the fewest infected people in the course of the pandemic: 122. At the weekend, number 122 was added, the first case in nine weeks, as the district reported. Three districts were last without a new case within seven days: Kassel, Marburg-Biedenkopf and Waldeck-Frankenberg. In the course of June there had already been twice as many.

And only in these three districts is there still zero in view of the important seven-day incidence. Seven districts and cities come to one. At the end of the table are the city of Offenbach (13) and the sparsely populated district of Hersfeld-Rotenburg (10) after a small and now subsiding wave of infections among employees of the Amazon in Bad Hersfeld. However, all incidence values ​​are well below the threshold that could prompt the withdrawal of easing. It is 50. To take it, Frankfurt would have to report 350 new cases within seven days.


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