Oneplus Nord 2T: A cautious upgrade

When Oneplus started with price-pressed mobiles, we were at first hesitant, as they built their brand on smart and fast premium mobiles. But 2020 years Oneplus Nord was really successful and Oneplus Nord 2 the following year was even better. Now Oneplus pulls the brakes and releases no Oneplus Nord 3. The new model is called Oneplus Nord 2T, and is described as a “minor update”.

Rating 4 out of 5


It is not the same wow-feeling in Nord 2T as it was in last year’s Nord 2. Oneplus takes it and therefore does not call it Nord 3. It is further based on a great mobile that is not inferior to anything. But competitors have caught up. Where Nord 2 was uniquely good, Nord 2T is “only” a good alternative among a bunch of sharp competitors.


  • Good middle class performance
  • Excellent screen
  • New, faster battery charging
  • High quality camera


  • Slightly faint speaker sound
  • Not much new
  • Unclear about endurance

But since Nord 2 is so good, it does not take much to deliver another high. As far as we can see, Nord 2T has exactly the same design and dimensions. Silvery plastic frame with a metal character, arched back and flat front, both of Gorilla Glass, and excellent premium feel straight through.

There are two things that separate mobile phones. First, the color choices. Nord 2T is available in two colors, a gray-black with a matte back called Gray Shadow and a pale green with a glossy back called Jade Fog. Nord 2’s lighter gray and more colorful blue-green color options stood out more.

Just like in Nord 2, we lack a detailed promise of the phone’s endurance. Oneplus talks a bit vaguely about the “Oneplus promise” and that they have done internal tests for drop height, water drop test, temperature and more, but can still not say specifically what it means and what you as a user should be able to expect. It probably survives a downpour, if not they have not promised anything, type.

New style, same camera

Nord 2T also has a new design on the camera panel on the back. It is slightly wider with two large black circles, where the upper one contains the main camera and the lower one holds a wide angle plus a monochrome camera. You also get two LED flashes placed a bit apart instead of a compact two-tone flash.

Oneplus Nord 2T and Oneplus Nord 2
Oneplus Nord 2T (right and top) is almost identical to Oneplus Nord 2. Only the color and design of the camera body distinguish them.

But the camera set-up is actually exactly the same as its predecessor. The main camera is a 50-megapixel Sony IMX766 with optical image stabilization and the same optics as before. The second camera is an 8-megapixel wide angle with 119 degrees field of view, it also has a Sony sensor. The third camera is Oneplus’ unique two megapixel monochrome camera, which is primarily support for the main camera, for depth vision and extra light information.

The main camera shoots quickly, sharply and in detail with fine dynamics in dark areas, both in bright sunshine and under subdued cloud cover. Both the main camera and the wide-angle camera have a tendency to overexpose extremely bright surfaces and reflections, but for the most part, both light and color reproduction in photos are well balanced.

Shoots well in most situations

The main camera also handles dark photography convincingly well, with a reliable long exposure mode helped by good image stabilization, both optical and digital. The camera app also has a fixed 2x zoom mode, but it’s just digital zoom. However, it looks sharp and good, and almost approved even up to 5x zoom in, even if it then starts to get blurry.

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Oneplus Nord 2T camera
The camera app can take time to find the right one if you want a specific function or setting. But with full auto, you can quickly take reliable pictures with a high minimum level.

The eight-megapixel wide-angle camera can fight in low light, but is otherwise approved, as long as it is daylight. It does not stand out as exceptionally good or bad. A noticeable and annoying sharpness filter that Nord 2 had on wide-angle photos seems to have been muted on this phone. We appreciate that. But it is possible that this is an updated photo app and that the same adjustment also took place on Nord 2.

On the front is the same 32-megapixel selfie camera as in the Nord 2. It both shoots and films competently, especially with an unusually good portrait mode and depth of field management, despite the lack of extra deep-sighted sensor. It is located in a hole in the corner of the screen, which has not been updated from Nord 2 either.

Nice screen, weaker sound

The screen is a 1080p amoled screen with just as strong colors, high color accuracy and excellent contrast we expect from an amoled in a quality mobile nowadays. In short, there is a very high minimum level on these panels manufactured by Samsung.

Oneplus Nord 2T screen
High level of image quality, but there are even brighter competitors if that’s important to you.

The screen supports hdr10 +, and thanks to the oled black, there is a certain dynamic range, but it does not have the right maximum brightness for perfect hdr effect during movie playback. However, it is well enough for trouble-free use outdoors, even on a sunny day.

At one point, Oneplus lags behind several competitors, namely sound. Oneplus uses an excellent sound enhancement system from Swedish Dirac, which does a brilliant job in the manufacturer’s premium mobiles. But this is not enough, probably because the speaker elements themselves are weak. We get clean and detailed stereo sound, but there is dubious pressure in the volume and no real fullness in the midrange or bass.

Trimmed graphics without a new gpu

In addition to the color and design of the camera, there are three things that are updated. First, Nord 2T has a new system circuit and goes from Mediatek Dimensity 1200 to Dimensity 1300. It has exactly the same processor cores with exactly the same clock frequency and is based on exactly the same six nanometer architecture as its predecessor. Differences in performance fall within the margin of error in all speed measurements we make.

Except at one point, despite the same graphics circuit, we get better game performance. It was good already in Dimensity 1200 and is trimmed here another about ten percent. This can be attributed to a new version of Mediatek’s own technology called Hyperengine, which is a suite of game-optimizing functions. Dimensity 1300 should also have improved ai, which should make some camera functions more precise and faster.

Oneplus Nord 2T black
Carpet and gray-black Dark Carbon.

Secondly, the phone has been equipped with the same fast charge we previously saw in the Oneplus 10 Pro, 80 watts charge with a technology called Supervooc, which comes from Oppo. It is a step up from the 65-watt charge in Nord 2. With it, Nord 2T can charge its battery in just under half an hour. A sturdy charger and Oneplus typically bright red USB cable are included in the package, as well as a transparent protective cover for the mobile phone.

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Enough for one day and a little more

The 4,500 mAh battery provides reassuring operating time. We stream video for over 18 hours. After a normal day of varied use, with occasional conversations, regular emailing and use of social media during the day, a few photos taken in the middle of the day and a couple of hours of movie streaming in the evening, we still have 40 percent left at bedtime.

In other words, a more frugal user can manage one more night and one day, without having to charge. Once it needs to be done, it goes quickly, as we have already mentioned. Of course, some things like filming and games also draw a lot more.

The phone is available in two models, with eight gigabytes of frame and 128 gigabytes of storage or 12 gigabytes of frame and 256 gigabytes of storage. Our tested unit is the model with 8 gigabytes of frame, which costs SEK 4,690. If you want the larger model, it costs SEK 5,490. As the phone does not have room for a micro sd card, it can be crucial to choose the right one. How much the frame memory affects the experience is harder to say. We did not come across any occasion when eight gigabytes felt too cheap. But that does not mean that there are not situations where it is a plus.

OxygenOS 12.1. Nice and graphically clean. We are still not happy with the Shelf panel that is swept in from the top right corner. We activate it constantly by mistake instead of dragging down notifications. But it is easy to remove if you are not interested.

When Oneplus released Nord CE 2 last winter, we said that it had a big problem. It was not North 2 and clearly worse on a couple of points and only marginally cheaper. Nord 2T is the exact opposite. It is marginally better than Nord 2 in a couple of points and in return costs more.

It is precisely this year that makes us still say that Nord 2T is the wiser purchase of the two. Nord 2 comes with Android 11. The new Nord 2T of course has Android 12, which means that you get another generation of updates to the system. Nord 2T gets the same update promise as Nord 2, two generations of Android and three years of security updates. It’s approved, but no more. At that point, several competitors have stepped up and are offering more.


Product name: Oneplus Nord 2T
Tested: Maj 2022
Contact: Oneplus
Systemkrets: Mediatek Dimensity 1300
Processor: 1 st Cortex-A78 3 GHz + 3st Cortex-A78 2,6 GHz + 4st Coretx-A55 2 GHz
Chart: Mali-G77 MC9
Remind: 8/12 GB
Storage: 128/256 GB
Screen: 6.42 inches amoled, 1080×2400 pixels, 90 Hz
Cameras: 50 megapixels + 8 megapixels wide angle + 2 megapixels monochrome with LED rear, 32 megapixels front
Connections: Usb 2.0 typ c
Communication: 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g, wifi 6, bluetooth 5.2, agps, galileo, nfc
Operating system: Android 12 med OxygenOS 12.1
Other: Dual sim, fingerprint reader
Bacteria: 4,500 mAh, 18 hours 10 min online video (wifi, high brightness, 60 Hz), approx. 18 hours mixed use (4g, low brightness, 90Hz), approx. 25 hours call
Battery charge: 80 W usb (SuperVooc)
Size:15,9 x 7,3 x 0,8-0,9 cm
Weight: 190 gram
Rek. Paris: From SEK 4,690 at PriceSpy (8/128 GB), Costs SEK 5,490 at NetOnNet (12/256 GB)


Antutu Benchmark: 602 080 points
Geekbench 5: 2,777 points
Geekbench 5 and core: 792 points
3dmark Wild Life: 4 610 points
Storage, reading: 1 700.1 MB / s
Storage, writing: 958.4 MB / s

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