OnePlus 9 Pro on the best graphics. This is what the Galaxy S21 should be like from the beginning

OnePlus 9 Pro poses on the best renderings so far. The flagship will receive a 6.7-inch curved screen and a large camera island on the rear panel made of frosted glass. If not for the logo on the housing, no one would have distinguished it from Samsung smartphones.

OnePlus 9 Pro it wasn’t long a secret. After previous reports about its components, it’s time for a leak, after which the design of the flagship will no longer hide any secrets. One thing comes to my lips – I’ve seen it somewhere.

Today’s graphics are from Steve Hemmerstoffer, i.e. leakstera known as @OnLeaks. This is one of the surest sources we have in the industry, so doubts about the appearance of the OnePlus 9 Pro are already completely dispelled. Renders are based on CAD sketches, which only increases their credibility. Any differences will be cosmetic.

OnePlus 9 Pro/fot. Voice

The front of the device is no different from OnePlusa 8 Pro. There was no attempt to reduce the lower and upper beam – nor to hide the camera under the display, which Samsung is already in its repertoire. Instead, we have a small hole for the selfie matrix. The screen itself has a diagonal of 6.7 inches, QHD + resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

OnePlus 9 Pro/fot. Voice

OnePlus 9 Pro/fot. Voice

Before we go to the rear, there are two related details. The edges are quite strongly curved, which not only stands in opposition to the new fashion on the smartphone market, but also brings a very undesirable change. OnePlus 9 Pro will lose its iconic mute slider – a pity, because it is the only Android phone manufacturer that has still used it.

OnePlus 9 Pro/fot. Voice

OnePlus 9 Pro/fot. Voice

The rear panel is… Samsung. There is no other way to put it, because the differences are imperceptible. If not for the logo on the housing, it could be confused with the latest flagships from the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note family. The camera island protrudes strongly from the housing, and this time there are three lenses on it. I wonder if OnePlus will attempt a sensible telephoto lens.

One thing has to be returned to them – it looks incredibly attractive in matte navy blue. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, although I do not think the Chinese manufacturer will give up glass for plastic.

OnePlus 9 Pro looks quite different than the base model, which you can read more about in the text below.

Here are the graphics of the neat OnePlus 9! You like this?



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